29 May 2005 05:16:34
Why Chapell will be good for SRT and AA

Because ...

1. He's interested in working with Tendulkar and find a meaningful role
for him in the team. While Wrong held
SRT in high regard, he never actually gave him a role
and SRT was aimless during his 5-year tenure.

2. Chapell has seen AA at his strongest point in his career -
the day he kicked Aussie arse! He'll consider him in high
regard as a Test bowler and as he said that AA will have to
work hard meaning become more disciplined. While Wrong
hyped up AA, he never actually worked on his cricketing
aspects and AA was more often than not sidelined during his tenure.

Way to go, Chapelli!!!


29 May 2005 13:36:42
Aditya Basrur
Re: Why Chapell will be good for SRT and AA

RJ wrote:

> Way to go, Chapelli!!!

I think you've got the wrong Chappell. Chappelli is Ian Chappell. After
his run of form in the early 1980s, Greg has been known off and on as