29 Nov 2004 09:54:00
Supreme Jat
Say-Wah-G versus Thakela

Averages a 50+ score every 3 test innings. On his way to topping the
series batting averages for India 3rd time in a row (ignoring
Agarkar's 1 test appearance against Aus).

Definetely by far India's most consistent batsman today. And of course
his scores don't drop dramatically when the quality of the attack
improves ala some of our PWC top rankers ;-). Its really a pain
watching some batsmen average 3-4 balls/run against a pathetic attack
like RSA's this series.

Viru has more 100s than Thakela in half the number of tests. Oh yes.
That sob story about him being forced to open. *sob* *sob*. That Viru
is also a converted opener doesn't matter.

Still there are some people here who refuse to rank Viru till he plays more
than 30 tests. Or who think of him as a flukey player who will be
found out. Pity really.

30 Nov 2004 04:34:24
Loony Tunes
Re: Say-Wah-G versus Thakela

<snip >

Nice woof.

Not just on Say-Wah-G but Thakela and Hot water sink in combo.