29 Feb 2004 22:38:26
Gilchrist's field setting

Australia's agrresive policy (implemented in ODI #5)
by Gilchrist backfired in ODI 5.
When Zoysa came to bat SL had no chance (so I thoought0
I wanted to rurn off the TV and go to skeep (I was up from
11 PM Saturday). I Couldn't do that 'cos I had two visitors watching.
By bringing the field in Gilchrist gave a chnace to Zoysa
to go for few big hits. He completely underestimated the
batting ability of Zoysa.
If a semi defensive field was set Zoysa couldn'thave done that
and I think Sl would have been struggling get to the winning target
even if if they did not lose wickets.

Looking forward to seeing how Hashan would go about doing it.
Before the ODI's I would have preferred to have Marvan as the test
captain. Now I am not so sure !