Head Alignment/Sightline
This talk of aiming systems, spin systems etc made me think of my head position. To be precise, what do I sight down when I line up a shot? Most players seem to sight straight down th...

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BILLIARD SUPER STORE, lowest prices on pool tables, cues & accessories. We will meet or beat any price on the net. You want it, we have it or we will get it. www.billiards...

Sex on a pool table
Sex on a pool table This topic is discussed along with other interesting subjects on a place that has 900 members and has no trash talk for flame wars. Check it out: ww...

Direction of Draw
Just recently (within the last 4-6 months) I've learned how to draw the cue ball back on command... not just haphazard hope. I've become fairly proficient in this skill... and can draw the C...

RSB'ers match report
Studeman (Ray) was in town visiting his brother. He called me and wanted to shoot a little. He came to my hosue then we both went to Players Family billiards in Whitehall. He likes the 9 foo...

What is the purpose of rail markings?
I found the advise on choosing a cue stick quite helpfull. And thanks to all who responded. Now, I'm trying to figure out how to use the diamond marks along the top of the rails...

are "For Sale" and "For Auction" posts allowed/tolerated in this newsgroup?
From what I could see, it was mainly discussions, no marketplace. Are private "for sale" posts allowed? I have about half a dozen of brand new graphite pool cues for sale; Would be in...

Useful Aiming Techniques for specific shots
Aiming methods are often useful, I find, to help you line up and consistently make specific shots that for one reason or another you have trouble visualizing. For example consider the shot...

LeBow cue on ebay
http://cgi.ebay.com/LeBow-Custom-Pool-Cue-NR_W0QQitemZ250099052850QQcategory Z21212QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

ESPN Classic
The audio just isn't there, and it's getting worse. Anyone else having this trouble? /wondering if it's local or the net.

Speaking of English
Lately I've been practicing a shot that I miss 9/10 times.... http://CueTable.com/P/?@4AbJI3BbJN2CbIm1DbJJ1EVWA1FJWC3GAYB2HLSE2ITbC4PDuQ3QQks2REDN2SebY4UbJI4UbCt4UdGx3VbJN3Vatu3VdOy4kEkR4kb...

Aiming systems=training wheels?
In another thread I said I thought some techniques are like training wheels, to be discarded as you advance in skill. I've been thinking that all the various aiming systems are like that a...

OT: testing cuetable, just killfile this thread, not me though :)
Test http://CueTable.com/P/?@4AbJI3BbJN4CbQC3DbHa4PDuQ3QQTt4kEkR4kbQq4kIGj3kQcs3kQcs3lQTt7lTvW3lbAv1uAAS@ -Duane Edwards << Colorado Springs, Colorado

moving a table
Is it reasonable to move a 4x8 3 pc slate table with a small pickup truck? Does the frame come apart into 4 pieces or are they glued at the joints? Table in question is a Connelly...

New Raffle of Billiard Balls
Ok, I'm back. As some of you know, I am getting out of playing pool. I have a brand new set of Stars and Strips balls that have never been used. I want ot raffle them off to you guys, not Eb...

Re: The Great Global Warming Swindle
Roger Orsulak wrote: > Interesting. I watched the video and I read professor Wunsch's letter. Same, and his letter had zero effect on my thoughts about what was said b...

The Great Global Warming Swindle
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4520665474899458831&q=The+Great+Global+Warming+Swindle -- Jack http://jbstein.com

FL's current AKAs
anthonygambinowop@yahoo.com Bong Soon <bongsoonhanone@yahoo.com> boom boom boo coo <boomboomboocoorikeyrongtimeusa@yahoo.com> Boss Tanaka <Bosstanakajap@yahoo.com>

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Escape the Limey sexual perverts and go talk pool
Escape the Limey sexual perverts and go talk pool Had enough of their bull she-yit. Want to talk pool and get real answers to your questions. It wont happen in this she-yit hole....

Bush/Cheney to NUKE IRAN SOON
Bush/Cheney Iran Attack Plans Move Ahead How Bush Is Planning To Attack Iran By Tom Demeter 3-22-7 This is earth shattering information which should reach all Americans. ...

Crossposting a GREAT comment from a GUTSY and BRAVE human being from alt.activism
http://groups.google.com/group/alt.activism/msg/e5ea742e1252998b?hl=en& OR How Come Dumbfuck AmeriKKKunts Care So Much About Who Is The Father Of Anna Nicole's Baby But NOT ...

Aiming at a Spot
A while back I told John Black that I aim the cue tip (near aiming point) at a spot on the cue ball (far aiming point). I never mentioned how I discovered this works for me.

So how exactly do you apply english?
We all use english but I suspect people use different methods for applying it. I am curious to know how (what method?) people here apply english and if anyone knows how it is predominantl...

hello world
I have seen no traffic in here all day ... Is it alive? Donald

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070320/ap_on_re_us/sergeant_sex_sting_1 By DAVID RUNK, Associated Press Writer Tue Mar 20, 8:36 AM ET DETROIT - A Michigan State Police sergeant was ...

Is the IPT dead: Will they ever pay again?
Is the IPT dead: Will they ever pay again?

What is the best glove and where do you buy it at?
What is the best glove and where do you buy it at?

What is your favorite shot?
What is your favorite shot?

What tip do the pro's use the most?
What tip do the pro's use the most?

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