IPT on TV News Release
Here is a link to the press release detailing the IPTs television coverage: http://www.internationalpooltour.com/ipt_content/news/press_release32.asp Deno J. Andrews ...

karma strikes
I feel like Earl (TV). I lost 3 of my 4 games in the first match of the state BCA tournament today. 2 of my losses were against women! 1st loss: Woman breaks and comes up dry. I run do...

OCMA Tournament
Anybody know who won & placed in the OCMA 8-ball tournament held in Canton, OhioCivic Center last week? Our team (Fiddlestix - Moecia) finished a disappointing 4th in the AA bracket. Thank...

More RSB History-From the Archives
There have been some hilarious (unintentionally of course) characters that have briefly lit up the RSB screen in the past. Most have flared up and lasted only a month or too then were gone...

2006 Sang Lee International Open 3-Cushion
The 2006 Sang Lee Open will be August 13-20 at the Carom Cafe in Flushing, NY. The prelims have been opened up to 96 players and if the field fills, the prize fund will be $100,000. ...

The Hustler's Prayer
It's a bit unpolished, but for what it is... here it is. The Hustler's Prayer - David E. Malone - May 4, 2006 I humbly beg the gods of pool To help me live the Golden Rule. ...

Geometrical Correctness- is it necessary?
I use a lot of aiming methods, bank and kick methods etc as an aid to finding the correct aiming points on a wide variety of shots. They help me quickly zoom in on the right spot and then ...

Rail First Caroms
This is what I was asking about when I posted about tickys. The object ball hits the rail first, then an obstructing ball, then goes in the pocket. I didn't get any answers that...

Hal Houle update
For anyone who's interested, I had a call from Hal Houle last night. He sounded fine, stronger than the last time we spoke. In addition to some discussion of aiming methods, he mentioned tha...

To all Star Wars Fans
Because I can only say this once a year, I just wanted to be the first to say for Thursday (tomorrow)... May the Fourth be with you...! David "The Jedi Hamster" Malone ...

Factory pressed dvd movies, ps2, psp & xbox backups for sale !!!
We're offering all the latest factory pressed high quality dvd movies, ps2, psp and xbox silvers with factory printed colour inserts at fantastic prices, whether for personal use or resellin...

Celebrity tit quiz
I stumbled on this funny celeb quiz. Guess the celebs from their tits. http://celebs.titquiz.com Have fun! nice picture game.

tdodges' version
I sold out against Hustlin' Hank at least 3 times! arrrgh! Rachet did win a game..I blew an easy shot on the 8, the only ball on the table. I conceded..jusy brushed the 8 into the cor...

Break and Runs Easier on a Big table?
I was playing 8 ball on a friends 9 footer this weekend and noticed we seemed to have a much larger % of runnouts than we normally have on the smaller bar tables we usually play 8 ball on....

Alex playing for the Filipinos Team
I guess Alex has decided he's no longer Canadian...? http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/?page=sports05_may03_2006 David "The Canadian Hamster" Malone

OT - McDonalds Flyer ...
Got a flyer in the mail last week from McDonalds. All in Spanish. Problem is ... I dont speak or read Spanish. I am just a dumb (legal) American that speaks and reads English (and not a...

Roger Conti - could you give me any link in English about this famous carom player?
Roger Conti - could you give me any link in English about this famous carom player? I coldn't find anything. thx! luka

Play-off Safety
I took a couple of days off work to pick up my mother-in-law from the airport and get her settled in - she's here for a month and doesn't speak a word of English. Should be jolly fun... went...

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