Best table
I'm looking for a 4 1/2 X 9 ft pool table for my home. I want to get the best table I can, and have looked at Olhausen, Brunswick, and AMF tables on the web. I like the look of a Gold C...

OT: Bought a Motorcycle
Its a 1980 Yamaha XS 1100 cc collectors series called a "Midnight Special" ,Its in showroom condition with 25,000 miles on it, this bike is beautiful with hardly a blemish on it ,It runs g...

Where's the Hamster?
Did I miss something? I don't see any recent posts from Mr. Malone - or maybe he's just on vacation.... Howie.

New Capelle book
I usually buy everything that either Bob Byrne or Phil Capelle manage to release, and I've never been disappointed. I just received Capelle's "Practicing Pool" yesterday. Obviously, I ha...

Playing with Pressure
I've been reading in the archives again and this topic comes up again and again. There have been some interesting ideas put forth so I'm going to stick my 2 cents in. I like Fan...

$1500 added event in CT
The CNBT will be holding a tournament on May 27 & 28 Anyone can play in the Larry Lisciotti memorial tournament. Race to 7 true double elimination $55 entry for any CNBT members no...

O what a relief it is...
X-No-Archive: Yes }_RHY(RIhjpodsjpg I know I may be jinxing a good thing, but I must comment on how pleasant the board has been for the last few weeks. And ...

This guy has talent ....... cool Billiard Tricks.... Video Clip
Amazing talents and abilities on the pool table. Eric Yow's Billiard Tricks.

New Message Board for Artistic and Trick Shot Pool
Hello All, I just found this great message board that is specifically targeting pool players that are interested in Artistic an...

Illegal immigrants should NOT be allowed to play pool !! ?? -- Senor McDave, in Maryland -- El Provincia Placer Existencia

news alert!
Flash.. Jimmy Hoffa still missing. gotta be a slow news day.

Underrated cuemakers?
I don't think we've polled this question in quite a while. Who's your favorite underrated cuemaker (and how do we find him/her)? Come to think of it, who are the female cuemakers...

Could I get a 4ft pool table in an 9ft room?
I have come up with the plan of making a 'boys' room.. The problem is that I have no control of the size of the room.. All I can do is knock 2 bedrooms together to make a 16' x 8'8" room.

CueTable Updates 05.2006
Dear RSBer: In the past weeks, we are fortunate to exchange ideas with eager teachers, players, programmers and designers. With everyone's kind inputs we are able to create severa...

WTB - Talisman Tips
Any cue maker or cue mechanic willing to part with 25 Talisman med tips for <$6.00 U.S. ea.? If so contact me offline and we'll work out payment and shipping details. Thanks...

Tournament Bracket Chart
I am looking a 64-player tournament bracket chart with the slots numbered so that when the players are inserted numerically, any slot that doesn't have a player becomes a bye and the byes ar...

On Topic Cartoon;_ylt=AsLF3dLKioSuyXIrkL1DCaAF_b4F;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl Hope the link works - its to today's Herman. Of course...

Can't wait to see if these cues sell
Matched pair of Bill McDaniels cues, "Romeo & Juliet," starting at $38,500. Whew!

ping ....Ratchet
Tom, Ray (studeman) may be in the area tonight. If he is able, he wants to get together and shoot some and also meet you. Call me or email me your phone number. Ha...

Heated pool tables?
An Italian friend tells me that in Europe some places heat the pool tables TO MAKE THEM FASTER. Am the only guy to never have heard of this, or, Is this true? And, if so, how d...

Rules for bank pool.
I'm a little confused about the rules for bank pool. I was at the local pool hall yesterday and they were watching the Billiard Network (SP) without any sound. They were watching a bank pool...

Mensa Invitational
OK, this may by off topic, but here it is anyway because it's good. Also, you may be able to use it as ammo for pool room conversations or team names and other stuff. For extra c...

Happy Mothers' Day
OK, got that out of the way. rack'em.

Heavier Cues-More Stable?
I have read opinions in google archives that state this but without anything other than "It feels like it" type of proof. I have a friend who uses a 24 ounce cue but he is a really big guy...

Found some nice girls
After about 10 seconds, looking at most of the cheap meat on the web is about as exciting as watching paint dry. I ran across this web site that has some really nice "fireside" women - I don...

Help needed w/1900's Boxing & Non-Sport
We deal mostly with vintage baseball cards. Just made a large purchase of nearly 1,000 vintage early 1900's and older non-sport cards along with Boxing,Pool,Track ... T218,T220,Mec...

TEMPUR-pedic UPDATE for Joey
Today I was talking to a friend who is a golf pro. He's very much into "back care" as golf is an unnatural motion, and back problems can end your golf career. I mentioned my back problems ...

Schwartz 8-ball handbook for winners - diagram 9
Author suggests potting the 12 and sitting the 9 over the pocket - presumably to cover the 4. My problem with this sequence is that it seems likely that opponent will bunt the 4 into mid tab...

Trusting Your Stroke
The guy I've been playing regular nineball lately has had a problem. He grew up on a nine foot table, but for the last 10 years has played exclusively on a 7 ft bar box, same as me. For so...

Breaking from the side
There are two styles of breaks , one from the side ,and head on , I see a 50/50 split on peoples choices and have tried both . Which approach works best for you ? and why ? and more impor...

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