Predator Shafts
I need some advice on playing with predator shafts. Can anyone give me some tips on how to adjust to allowing for deflection with these shafts. It's like a reflex for me to allow a little ...

Chicago players
Looking for some medium speed players in the Chicago area for some light 8 or 9 ball action. No pros please. New to area been playing for about two years. Drop the talk and use t...

San Antonio?
Hi there, I am looking for someone in San Antonio who can play during the week in the early afternoon (11-4 Mon-Fri). Yes, I know it's a long shot, but I have tried lots of pool halls and it...

Will be in St. Louis tonight
OK, I'm going to St. Louis and will be at Chesterfield billiards tonight from about 7pm to 10pm. Hopefully Lou can make it and school me a bit at some 1P... cheap. Or maybe ...

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven? << Click On Link

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven? << Click On Link

Amazing - 4,000 pool people in one location and not a single post
Didn't anybody see anything worth talking about? --Jim

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven? << Click On Link

Willee arguements
There was a fellow who made cues, from Canada I believe, who had many arguments with Willee. I can't remember his name, it was Armstrong or something like that if I remember right. If ...

Jacksonville Project Tribute!
I just wanted to say thanks to the Jacksonville Project folks. I made a small video tribute (and yes I added the cheesy music ;) I converted the VHS tape into an MPEG file (28 GB!) and...

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven? << Click On Link

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven? << Click On Link

Justis Case
Well, I just went to the SBE and met Jack Justis. He and his wife are the nicest people. Since I was in the market for a new case, and since he was kind enough to donate a case t...

Fast Has left da building and RSB
Heading off to greener pasturers and the green felt of the crap tables of Vegas FL has left the board to under take a 20,000 mile trip of the entire usa. Coast to Coast. Mexico to Canada. O...

Irving Kaye Cushions?
Does anyone know where to find replacement cushions for an Irving Kaye Coin-Op? I looked at Muellers and diddn't see them. They are a cross between a step cushion and a K-66. Any info would ...

This system is introduced on AZbilliards web site and the Main Forum section, by Joe Tucker in a thread titled " A Taste of My Method of Aim. JoeyA

Just wondering how the splitup has affected pool leagues in your area....Are league organisers moving away, or sticking with, BCA in your area...In OK we just had the BCA state tournament an...

Ratchet Sculpture JoeyA

Devils' Proposition
So here we all is: we discuss the game here; we read books and magazines; watch videos; and toil over a hot pool tables for hours at a time. All this, presumably, to improve our pool game. ...

Chalk & Cue Goes Under...
I was very upset to see that Sherry Richardson's Canadian pool and snooker magazine (Chalk & Cue) has printed its last issue. Apparently advertising from the pool community is in short supp...

Is this against the rules?
I have an unusually long penis. I wish to use it as a cue whilst playing snooker. Does this violate the rules of the aforementioned game?

FA: Custom Pool Cue - Rare Find
Check it out at:

Happy St. Patrick's Day
After having been on RSB for a while, I never thought I'd be saying the words 'saint' and 'Patrick' in the same sentence, but there it is... Happy Saint Patrick's day (whether you...

FS: Spring Cleaning -- Southwest, Cognoscenti, Josey, Justis, etc
With great reluctance I am placing the bulk of my cue collection for sale. I have attached pictures of all the cues for sale, and below are explanations. Please email me me with questions ...

Subject: Cows > COWS > > | > > DEMOCRATIC > | > > You have two cows. > | > > Your neighb...

FA: A bunch of Accu-Stat tapes
Ending soon. No reserve! 9 ball and One pocket tapes. Excellent conditon. Combined shipping for mutliple tapes.

Pool - sport or game in the news
If any body still cares about this common and stupid topic that pops up every so often, you may find this mildly interesting.

Billard (Carambolage) und Snooker in Bad Homburg
In Bad Homburg v.d.H. (Stadtteil Kirdorf) gibt es einen neuen Billard-Verein: Wir spielen Carambolage und Snooker (kein Pool). Aktuell hab...

Leaving for SBE in the AM
Any RSB'ers, stop by and say hi at booth 31 on the Lower level. It'll be good to put some voices and faces with the names. --Jim

Wood to Wood joint versus stainless steel?
What's the difference in performance between a wood to wood joint and a stainless steel joint? First thing I've heard about was someone telling me that a wood to wood joint provid...

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