closed bridge question
I just got a Willie Hoppe book and he talks about and there are pictures of his standard bridge with the middle left finger folded so that the second knuckle is on the table. I tr...

Preparing a room for a pool table
We are giving our son a pool table for Christmas. He lives in a duplex that has a full basement. There's plenty of space (about 16' x 22'). My main question is the floor, which is conc...

Where to buy a pool table in San Francisco?
We gave our son a "gift certificate" for a pool table for Christmas. Now we need to decide what to buy. There are a lot of retailers in this area. Does anyone have any recommendat...

Pool lessons in San Francisco
Can anyone recommend a good pool pro (teacher/instructor) in or around the San Fransicso area? This would be for average players in their 20s. Thanks -- Emai...

Ring game rules
Could anyone explain to me the rules of Ring Games at nine-ball (or indicate a site where I can find explanation. Pierre Dupont Montreal, Quebec

Happy New Year
Happy new year to all, may you live long and prosper. FL

Jerry Orbach on Conan
I saw a split second of Jerry Orbach standing next to a pool table on a rerun of a Conan O'Brien show this evening. Did anybody see that episode? What did he do pool-wise? Trick shots? Di...

biggest tournament spot
What's the biggest spot you've ever seen in a tournament match? I played last night in a weekly handicapped 9-ball tournament at Shooters outside of Minneapolis (really nice roo...

Derby City Classic
So who will be attending this year? I know i'll be there.

Cue Joints
I noticed that at the recent Gulf Coast Classic there were almost no top players who used a cue with a steel or metal joint. Actually, after realizing the aforementioned, I did not observe ...

Los Angeles Pool Tournament Jan 4-9 2005
The Bicycle Casino to host ESPN event . Call 562-806-4646 Tickets at the door Jan4-9 2005 Worlds best pool players

The Best Design and Qaulity Cue Stick
Smart Cue Group International Incorporated develops, produces and sells highly warp-resistant billiard cue sticks, including pool, snooker, carom. Our products have found a great and growing...

200% Sponsorship For Tournament Locations
Now through march 2005 the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour is offering Pool Room owners 200% sponsorship if they host one of our $1,000 added or $2,000 added tour events. (Limited Dates Are Available...

$8,400 Added Music City 9-Ball Open - This Week
THE VIKING CUE 9-BALL TOURS REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP at - MUSIC CITY 9-BALL OPEN is this week. Location - J.O.B.'s Billiard Club in Madison, TN $7,000 Added Open Event ($75 entry fee) ...

Looking for new VPH (Virtual Pool Hall) players
Looking for new VPH (Virtual Pool Hall) players at It is 100% FREE to play and sign up but you have to have the CD (contact me on this one)....

OT: Double Posts In OE
I've got Optimum Online and my newsgroups have been screwy for the last few weeks. First I couldn't get any posts, then I get about half the posts twice. Anybody else experiencing this?

The new Hilton Pro Tour

Need Four Used Brunswicks
Looking to purchase four good used Brunswick Gold Crown II, III, or IV tables w. Ball Returns. Anywhere in the Eastern Mid-Atlantic Region. Any tips or leads would be appreciated. ...

2004 Was a Good Year................................................For Terrorism
2004 was a good year for terrorists, violent gang members, law-breakers and fraud artists seeking safe haven in America. Let's reminisce: The rise of MS-13 . The savage El...

Looking for more information.
Hi I am interested in more information. Where is the best spot? You can email me at any of the following addresses: Thanks, Sam beenie_baby1379@s...

FS: DVD Alex Pagulayan before going pro (17 at time) - FINALS - Dennis Hatch Here is a great match from the 1996 Western NY 9-Ball Championships A young Dennis Hatch is in the finals with the then unknown Alex Pagulayan. Alex...

why you should not focus too much at your opponents play?
It will disrupts your own rythem of stroking and when its your turn to play you will subconciously adopt your opponents style of stroking making you uneffective. Best regards ...

How to you break the red pack in the initial stage?
This depends on your opponent standard.If your opponent is of the same standard as you are or a even better player.i would opt for the traditional example of breaking that is assumming you p...

How to wear your opponent down in a snooker game?
Try not to give to much opportunity to your opponent in the initial stage of the game.we called it a take and guard approach.In doing so you did not give your opponent much choice of shots s...

How to care for your cue?
When not playing, place your cue flat on the table rather than placing it lying against the side of the table it helps to prevent your cue from warping.After the game place it at your clubs ...

How to clean your cue for smooth action?
Use a furniture polish spray where you could get at a supermarket those meant for wooded furniture.spray a little onto a plain cloth and wipe your cue down.After that, use the other end of t...

snooker miscellaneous
doubles---are spectacular looking shots but in snooker we try to avoid them as much as posible as it is much easir to pot a ball straight then to visuale where the pocket is. usin...

safety play
snooker-- the most offensive safety shot ,it compels your opponent to play a swerve shot or to use more than one cushions and another good thing is it creates chance for you to clear the col...

controlling the cue-ball
top spin--by striking the cue ball above centre you are imparting topspin.when using top,raise your bridge slightly so that you can strike the top part of the cue ball with a natural swing,w...

snooker tips
Snooker basics the cue-if you were to buy a cue for own use,buy a straight one cause it give a pyscological boost.unless you have played with it for years,you might think when pla...

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