News: John McChesney
Condolences to family and friends:

THE POOL ENERGY PATCHES It is for real, it does work. Install a patch and now have 25 to 40% more energy for 12 hrs. The patch will keep working for 2 days. It sends electrical...

Pool Newz - 25c for a game of 9 ball at Kansas U
Students at the University of Kansas looking for practical laboratory study of the physics of colliding spheres can find it at a new 28 table club behind the Community Mercantile at Ninth ...

3 Cushion Trickshot Page
A while back someone posted a link to a site with tons of 3 cushion trickshot exhibitions. One of exhibitionists was samir sayginir (i probably butchered the name) doing extreme masse sho...

How tight to stretch Simonis 860?
I saw someone installing Championship 3030 cloth. He was basically pulling with all his might, even put a knee up against the table so he could pull tighter! How hard should you p...

Cue Weight
I need some extra pool cues. Table came with an accessory kit (balls, two 2-piece maple cues, etc). While shopping the internet, I noticed that the accessory kits usually have 4 cues, but ...

Pool Newz - Interviews with Tony Robles and Danny Basavich
Interview with Tony Robles mentioning the upcoming World Summit of Pool Favorite quote "I had a girl chasing me and I totally ignored her, I'd practice 12 hours a day, sixdays a week." Now...

Billiards Expert
Anyone subscribe to this site of online billiard instruction? If so, please give me some feedback as to how you like it. The site charges I believe 20.00 a year for unlimited access. It can ...

4 days and counting !!
til Jimbo's Jamboree !! Just 1 Question - Do they serve N/A beer at this shindig and if so what kind ?? >> Ratchet << might have to stock up just in case ;-)

Billiard Matchbook covers
Here are a few pretty cool matchbook covers that are billiard related from my collection: Deno

Clean the table
Has anyone tried using "Woolite Foam cleaner...Fabric & Upholstery"? Amazing stuff. Cheap too. nat

8ft, perfect, 9ft, tight!
Hello all! Need some opinions. I have enough room in my basement to put a table. Problem is that a 8ft fits just fine, but I could squeeze a 9ft in also. I would have some pro...

Ping... JimboCT
Please call Mike Janis 800-200-7665

cleaning out the closet--Stroud cues and Fellini case, ebony for cuemakers
I apologize in advance for posting this because I know a lot of people don't like it, but felt the members here might be interested (and I am not a commercial seller). I am cleaning out m...

Jennifer from Hard Times
Hello all. I have finally completed my move to Maryland, found a job and am settling in. Now, I want to play pool. Who's up for it? Jennifer

one pocket
This past weekend there was a pro tournament at RI Billiards. On Friday nite Nick Varner was doing some charity matches but I couldn't get there because of work. I had planned on playing in...

St. Louis tonight
Where's the action in and about St. Louis tonight? Have car, will travel. Alex

Advice: Buying a 7-foot Table
Greetings, The room in which I want to put a pool table is just big enough for a 7-footer (15' x 17'). If I had a larger room I'd move up to an 8-footer, but I'd rather have a 7-...

Predator 4k3
Anybody here shoot with a 4k3 yet, i'm considering buying one but I can't shoot with one before I buy. Also, Z shaft or 314 which do you recommend.

Another Tipping Question
Interesting thread about tipping below. I have another. Years ago there were table attendants who hung up your jacket, brushed off the table between games, racked the balls, emptied pocket...

Great search engine!
Amazon offers search engine *** There's a new search engine in town. A9 ( is part of Its search technology is much the same as others (in fact, it's Google's te...

Overseas cuemaker?
In the October Inside Pool, there's an article about Cuestix International. In the article they discuss carrying cues by both American and "overseas manufacturers like Schon and Mezz Cues....

Pics of my new Willee cue His cues were much nicer in person than what I was he- just kidding :) Deno

Tipping when paying by the hour at a billiard hall/restaurant ?
Here's an odd question for those who shoot pool by the hour. At a local billiard hall/restaurant/brewpub - - one pays by the hour for the table, and you also pay...

What do AMD, Intel, and pool have in common? I wasn't sure they'd pay $1000 for this. :-) David Hakala

FA: Accu-Stats videos on eBay
2003 US Open 9-Ball - complete 8 DVD set rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW 2003 World Cup 3-Cushion - complet...

1916 BBC Home Companion table?
Anyone know anything about the 1916 Brunswick-Balke-Collender Home Companion table? Is it a decent small table to play on when properly restored? Thanks, Jim

APA coaching question
I though I read some time ago, possibly in a magazine, that not only was a "one" rated player allowed two coaching timeouts (at the table) per game, but was also allowed unlimited coaching f...

Waxing Billiard Balls Debate
Searched this NG and couldn't find something to print out. I was always informed that waxing billiard balls isn't a great thing for game play. After asking around, I found out all th...

FS: Systematic Billiards by Allen Gilbert
book from 1977 64 pages, loads of diagrams front & back covers are green in color with a brown plastic binding all pages in excellent shape

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