31 Aug 2004 16:39:13
Re: rec.sport.billiard.moderated ?

Tony, you bozos reemed poor willie, had him on da ropes and out da
door, so he hired me to come in here, kick yo asses and clean up dodge,
be da new sherriff in town, and dat is what i did, so willie is back,
and dare is nuttin youse can do about it. Dat is da way it went down.
All dodge city sherrifs is bought and paid for. Now I have you all by
da balls and youse is all sitting around all day long going, woe is me,
and what in da f do we do now, or like georgie, lets wack da mf. He
will send in smorgie to jump on me and smush me with his 400 lbs of
fat, a smush wack job. how about we all just declare peace, walk off
and be nice to each udder, dis can be done you know. If youse dont,
Ize can continue to drive youse nuts forever. I tink its time youse
bozo sue for peace and lets move on.