05 Aug 2004 08:34:58
Re: Predator First Edition Cue-Stick...How much?

JAM wrote:
> I am interested to find a place where I can ascertain the worth of a
> Predator First Edition cue-stick (used, but in excellent shape, but
only one
> shaft).
> I was told it was worth 12- to $1,400, but that resale value may be
in the
> neighborhood of $600.
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
: >)

Cues like many other things are worth what someone is willing to pay
for them!!

Early predator cue butts were built by Falcon cues and Falcon cues are
production cues in the lower price range. A first edition predator cue
is a Falcon butt with a predator shaft! I don't know how many cues
were made like the first edition model you have, but you should be able
to find a buyer for it if you are interested in selling it.
12 to $1,400 sounds high to me, but $600 for resale value may not be
out of line if the cue looks good and is in good condition. It all
depends on what a buyer is willing to spend for a cue like you are
trying to sell.
Here's a suggestion, take the cue to the US Open in September and ask
Joe Salazar or Dick Abbott their opinion on the value of the cue. They
are both cue dealers and should be able to give you a ball park figure
on what the cue is worth.

Good luck with your cue.