05 Aug 2004 20:01:12
Fixing Cues?

I have been asked to fix several inexpensive pool cues
that belong to our local gym. Evidently several folks
felt a little hostile, maybe after a bad game.

Each cue is two pieces connected by a 3/8" x 18 threaded
rod. I have removed all the broken pieces from all the
butt ends and tip ends. I have some 3/8 x 18 threaded rod.

In the tip ends, there are glued-in brass pieces threaded
to accept the threaded rod when you assemble the cue. In
the butt ends, there is just a hole in the wood. The threaded
rod sorta kinda threads into the hole, but not really snugly,
like either the threads are stripped or it needs some adhesive.

Can some of you please tell me the best way to secure the
threaded rod in the butt ends of these cues?