30 Sep 2003 04:56:06
Deno J. Andrews
Ebay Ad- clay balls

My billiard closet is full again...and the antique billiard items are giving
me a hard time for keeping this broken-up pool ball set with them The
billiard items don't think they will age as well with pool balls in the
closet. So anyway, to make more room for true billiard items, I am saying
adios to the pool balls, despite their age and nice qualities. The set
picture is a little bright- they don't look "that" good in real life- that's
what the closeups are for...no reserve, someone please take these:


Deno J. Andrews

30 Sep 2003 10:37:40
Re: Ebay Ad- clay balls

>From: "Deno J. Andrews"

>, someone please take these:

>Deno J. Andrews

I know I won't win with my low bid, but I got you started! Good luck.
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