27 Sep 2004 10:54:16
1916 BBC Home Companion table?

Anyone know anything about the 1916 Brunswick-Balke-Collender Home Companion
table? Is it a decent small table to play on when properly restored?
Thanks, Jim

27 Sep 2004 08:35:33
Re: 1916 BBC Home Companion table?

Most of these very old tables I have played on are like this, how does
a 10 year old NYC taxi cab drive and ride, bad, cause its trashed and
worn out. It's the same on these old tables sadly most of the time as
well. I would never buy one unless it was set up and I could play on
it. Usually they were in a room and over time when they wore out the
begin to scrap one table and use it for parts on the other better ones.
In time 15 tables become 3 and then one. In time, they end up with
one left and none of the rails match or the other parts as well. They
do the same thing with airplanes. The last one I played on was 1895
and it was loose as a goose.
Now and then you get the gem that was in a private home or homes and
that is what you look for. Any time you want to buy a woman, a car or
a pool table, I want to know the true mileage on her.
Jake the wonder doggie