28 Jan 2004 08:10:25
Dr. J sex tape released


ORLANDO, Fla. -- A sex video reportedly featuring NBA Hall of Famer
and Orlando resident Julius Erving has surfaced just as he begins
divorce proceedings from Turquoise Erving, his wife of 30 years.

The alleged tape was delivered to the New York Post last week and was
apparently shot several years ago in a San Jose, Calif., hotel room
with a young woman.

Dr. J, 53, who led the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA championship in
1983, reportedly said that it was his wife who released the tape to
the media.

"This tape was made 15 years ago, while my wife and I were separated,"
Erving told The Philadelphia Inquirer Monday through a spokesman. "The
decision by my wife's advisers to release it during our divorce
negotiations is disappointing, especially since my wife has had it in
our possession all these years."

The New York Post, said the video shows a younger Erving in an
"undershirt, boxers, and metal-framed glasses engaging with a
voluptuous, dark-haired young woman with cinnamon skin wearing a