Guess which ACC team has the most current NBA players?
I'll give you a hint, it isn't UNC. --Tedward

Dear Ted and Donnie
This could be fun...

McCain, Who Buried LIVE America ? (& Pentagon)
McCain, Who Buried LIVE America ? (& Pentagon) McCain, don't you know ? You can demand it to AIPAC If also AIPAC don't know it, You can demand it ...

DBR, brief
Exhibition game thots: Plumlee looked rather competent and comfortable, albeit against a much smaller team. Zoubek doesn't seem to be a part of the plan, though we'll need h...

Late Night with Roy Report
Just a quicky. Man, that was one of the most painful starts to a game I can recall. Tons of quick shots that were nowhere near the mark. Then, somehow, the game ended with both teams scor...

Lute trips and falls off podium, changes his mind
Lute Olsen fell off the podium after announcing his return to the AZ basketball program as coach. When it became apparent he had suffered a broken hip, Lute asked for the microphone and inf...

Lute Olsen back again
Finally deciding his health wasn't going to let health issues stop him, Lute Olsen held another press conference and is back as the AZ coach. --Tedward

Lute Retires
The whole on again/off again thing is kinda weird, not that anyone deserves slamming over it:;_ylt=AkkMo1TKpYvYoelQ...

Lute: Out Again?
I don't want to say too much on this topic before more details are known, but this ongoing story heats back up again... ...

Best Sports Memorabilia
Check out this awesome site that has great deals on sports memorabilia....Thought I would share it here in case anyone is interested....

Obama could play for Memphis... good in transition, pressures the ball on D, but can't make a free throw.

McCain, ONLY BOMBS for Missing-MONEY ! ...& More...!
McCain, ONLY BOMBS for Missing-MONEY ! ...& More...! McCain, as Friend of Bush, only YOU can tell to Americans, where is the Missing Money ! <...

How do you not notice your foot is this messed up?
UNC-Ashville 7-7 center Kenny George loses part of foot to infection: --Tedward <...

Duke Basketball Report
From an open practice and blue-white scrimmage... Singler, Scheyer, and Henderson all looked great. Henderson needs to get beyond his pure atheletic talent and finish more. ...

McCain, SAVE Banks is an HELP to YOU ? ...& More...!
McCain, SAVE Banks is an HELP to YOU ? ...& More...! An electoral HELP ? Of course ! The Financial General Crisis, CAN BE PILOTED BY BUSH, ONLY FOR HELPING YO...

McCain, Why BOMBS for Missing-MONEY ? ...& More...!
McCain, Why BOMBS for Missing-MONEY ? ...& More...! McCain, as Friend of Bush, only YOU can tell to Americans, where is the Missing Money !!! ...

Acorn Leader on Obama
Obama wants to pretend he didn't have a close relationship with Acorn. However, an article by Toni Foulkes, a Chicago Acorn leader and a member of Acorn=92s National Association Board, stat...

Bless This Money Method!
How Would YOU LIKE To Become A MILLIONAIRE IN Just A Few WEEKS?? !!! * :-) --------------------------------------------------------- NO RISK INVESTMENT!!! TURN $...

Crack readily available at
They/Yahoo have Duke ranked #6. Yes, we have one of the best backcourts, but other than Singler, who frequently has to play out of position, we don't have a front court. Last time I checke...

The Choice (and remember, Death is not an Option):
2008 Washington State football............ .........or 2007-08 Oregon State men's basketball? Dithcuth ($1 to Lew Holtth).

Must See Premium Porn Sites!!!
Reality Kings - Full access to 23 of the hottest hardcore porn sites on the net! In The VIP -

B-B-B-Bobby B-B-B-Bowden on hot seat?
After loosing to pathetic MD, I think Bowden is on the hot seat. A loss at Wake has the team reeling, the fans fuming at being behind Duke in the standings, and the Clemson AD with his finge...

UNC's Ginyard out 8 weeks with foot surgery
One down, four to go. --Tedward

Izzo Runs Media Around
Michigan State freshman Delvon Roe, one of the most highly recruited basketball players in the program's history, is "ahead of schedule" in his recovery after two knee surgeries, coach Tom I...

Tholenbot Predicts Asteroid

OT - Anna Kournikova In A See-Thru Bikini
Wow! She may as well be totally naked - this bikini is like Saran Wrap:

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