Holy Carpe Diem
I knew we had decent odds against Wisconsin, but beat the snot out of them? Dayum! It will cost us here and there, but apparently height isn't everything. If you count 6-4 Nelso...


B10 Suckithness
I really like the ACC-B10 Challenge, but it's moving past embarrassing as the years go by. I hope it doesn't happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if the ACC looks to find an actual Ch...

MSU escapes with a win over Oakland U. Saturday afternoon
Tough game. In retrospect, I think MSU expected a tough battle, but they couldn't have possibly expected the Rochester Hills version of classic Gene Keady-style combat-ball.

Basketball Management Game
In Franchise Basketball at www.simgalaxy.com, you are the coach, the General Manager and the Owner of your own Basketball Franchise! As the coach: You decide who will start...

Duke - EKU
We're pretty good, but our offense is way too reminicent of the mid-90's pass-it-around-the-perimeter-till-someone-is-open-for- a-jump-shot-with-the-occaisional-drive set. We have no post <...

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Rutgers women basketball coach insane?
I saw her schedule. She plays ACC top 2 (Duke and Maryland), PAC10 top 2 (Stanford and Cal) and SEC top 2 (Tennessee and LSU). Is there any men's coach dare to do the same?

Where abouts/Ex USD(San Diego) coach/Brad Holland???
Is Brad coaching anywhere? He was replaced earlier this year. Thanks, Ron (ront2@cox.net)

D1 schools with no bids to the NCAA tournament?
ever? which is the oldest?

Duke has a new flopmaster...
...and his name is Singler. Okay, so the guy is good otherwise, but damn. That one in the first half was just plain funny...guy drives baseline on him, he steps over. Guy spins ...

http://www.kiva.net/~jsagarin/sports/cbsend.htm Sagarin has us #1 and is trying fool the woof gods. In the more accurate predictor, UNC and Duke are 1/2. We live in interesting s...

Swallowing whistles
Seems to be the disease tonight.

Herb Sendek watch continues
Losing to University of New Orleans? Yikes. He might be fired midseason if NC State doesn't improve a lot by January. - geoff

I was very pleasantly surprised by this game. Illinois' previous efforts have been mediocre at best, but they definitely showed some potential in their domination of ASU. In the run-up to ...

I hope MU gets sick of KC this week.
MU loses to Mich St., tonight. Hopefully, they'll lose tomorrow night to Maryland(Don't want them getting too comfy at the new Sprint Center) and finish the week off 0-3 in KC at Arrowhead S...

Uh-oh Upsetty-oh
Princeton has a 6-9 center averaging 18 ppg while shooting 65%. I predict Zoubeak gets his second foul within two minutes of entering the game. If Princeton can control the tempo they ...

Does the ACC suck?
Or are we just another victim of all the wacky upsets happening this year? In other news, the MVC is the Rodney Dangerfield of Div I hoops. --Tedward

Lonley (Horny) Wisconsin Gal. Help ?
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Another Duke NBA bust
JJ - think we can all finally admit this one? Jama

Now you know Duke is bad....
New riddle... How do you know Duke football is really bad? They can't even beat Notre Dame. -- I don't want to get to the end of my life and find I have just <...

UNC analysis
Well? After the upset of mighty Davidson -- at Davidson, no less -- you'd think we'd hear some chatter. --Tedward

I have half of my 2008 bracket filled out
North Carolina is a lock to win it all with all of their talent and a HOF coach. Clearly Davidson will get to the Final Four on the other side of the bracket. I just ne...

Gardner-Webb has two shots at UConn
After beating No. 20 Kentucky, Gardner-Webb has two chance to upset UConn. First, on Nov 15th at Madison Square Garden (Coach and Cancer Classic semi final). Then five days later, on N...

Exhibition loss hurts Spartans in polls
Preseason: http://sports-ak.espn.go.com/ncb/rankings?seasonYear=2008&weekNumber=1&seasonType=2 Week 1: http://sports-ak.espn.go.com/ncb/rankings

West Virginian birth control
Light a cherry bomb and count to ten. --Tedward

Duke over New Mexico State
This team has serious potential. *Potential* Those who say Duke's offensive woes are over after 86 points against an overmatched NMS are delusional. There were some droughts las...

Jonny Flynn
Jesus. This kid can really play. Wow.

State of the Union (KU)
Well, the Jayhawks have played two games against middling competition (UMKC and La-Monroe), so it's hard to take too much from what's happened. But I'll go ahead and try: -I thou...

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