How can the Virginia Tech task force say they have accomplished anything, ignoring the real problems as they have?
How can the Virginia Tech task force say they have accomplished anything? They did NOTHING to address the myriad of problems that caused the tragedy!

Weber does the right thing About time some NCAA coach did the right thing for his student-athlete and his program.

RIP Eddie Griffin
Former Seton Hall Pirate Eddie Griffin was killed in a collision with a friggen train. Too young, sounds like maybe another Josh Hancock type tale. RIP

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NCAA bylaws proposals for men's basketball
Here are what appear to be the major bylaws proposals that would affect men's basketball (the vote will be taken at the convention in January): 1. An athlete receiving a "preferr...

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Is This Bias By The NCAA? I was reading the story about two University of Miami baseball recruits, who decided to not sign with major league teams that r...

__ Don Imus gets served a nappy headed lawsuit __
Don Imus served a nappy headed lawsuit By Stone Martindale Aug 15, 2007, 18:20 GMT A lawsuit has been filed against Don Imus for derogatory comments that cost him his ...

Private Universities/Colleges west of the Mississippi that are Division I (primarily)
Rice SMU Baylor TCU Oral Roberts Tulsa Denver BYU Gonzaga U. of Portland San Diego St. Mary's Santa Clara Pepperdine L...

UK Men's Basketball Schedule 2007-8
UK Men's Basketball Schedule 2007-8 October 31 Wed Pikeville College (exh.) (FSNS/BBSN) Lexington 07:00 pm November 3 Sat Seattle (exh.) (FSNS/BBSN) Lexington TBA November 6...

That not so fresh feeling
I'm not looking forward to a reloading year. Scheyer needs to be more consistent. Henderson needs to step up. Zoubek needs to remove his head from his ass. We will be relying on...

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Hey Bulldog
"The following is the Final (and only, by the way) exam for "Coaching Principles and Strategies of Basketball", a 2001 course taught by former Assistant Coach Jim Harrick, Jr. at the Unive...

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Anyone having a spleenectomy?
I still owe Jay Furr a spleen for when Vermont beat Syracuse. I'll pay top dollar. --Tedward

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Florida Allows Forced Injections, Federal Government Terrorizing US before then, Arizona Also
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