Overnight payday loan
Whether you have good or bad credit report, you can apply for overnight payday loans. You'll be receiving payday loans overnight in your account with no credit check. So no worries, if your ...

Zen in one easy lesson
Then the student asked the master, "Why do you hit me whenever I ask this question? OW! Why do you hit me whenever I ask this question? OW! Why do you hit me whenever I ask this question?...

Early Christmas shopping for Fundoc
http://tinyurl.com/ygbko8 best wishes for the season!

Wee Number One
With Temple's win on Saturday, Duke became the team with the longest Div 1A losing streak at 16! Still on track for a perfect season... --Tedward

hi everybody!!!

Officially Licensed Sportswear

Now *this* is journalism at its finest

New book on University of Maryland Men's Basketball
Just an FYI that a new book on the University of Maryland Terrapins will be published next month by publisher Globe Pequot. The title is "Hoop Tales: Maryland Terrapins Men's Basketball" by ...

Duke-Vandy thots
Someone, in a galaxy far, far away, understands how Georgia lost to this Vanderbilt team. This is a very winnable game for Duke. Rinse, lather, rebeat. Vandy 27, Duke 24. ...

Kentucky kid picks Indiana?
http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061021/SPORTS0601/610210444/1004/SPORTS BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- It has been 37 years since a player from Kentucky played basketball at...

"Cameron crazy" T-shirt
This is for sale at Cafe Press. Thought there might be some interest. It's available in other shirt styles, too. http://www.cafepress.com/callmethis.82594871

And your final four is.....
Wichita State UNC Florida Kansas Go SHOCKS!!!! Ok, so maybe I'm reaching a bit.... Kansas won't make it. ;-)

Internet Fundraising Site www.FreeFastandEasy.com
I found an Internet fundraising site that is free and it works for us. www.freefastandeasy.com I think that more schools need to know about this.

College Basketball news and gear
Check out www.NCAABasketballChampions.com

A program of excellence
Duke utilizes yet another way to lose. I don't think there's a play that is not in Duke's playbook. Croker should still be fired though. --Tedward

Down 5, Duke goes for two and fails. Miami is going to kick a field goal. Duke will go for two again and...Coker should be fired anyway. But nice call on Duke beating the sp...

PING the Senator: [Tennis] Death-Blondes VI
If you can get and record the Zurich women's singles tennis final tomorrow, do so. It's Death-Blondes VI time, the sixth professional meeting between the luvverly and tall Sibero-...

Basketball Jump Shot Workout
Check out this jump shot workout to get ready for the season: http://www.basketballsuccess.com/basketball_jump_shot.html Also, join this Google group for tips, training info, and more:...

Delusion & Denial
"It's just all about feeling, sitting around and feeling the same way after these games is tough," Sexton said. "You've got to move on, move past it and work past it." With five g...

Duke-Miami Thots revised
The Vegas line is down to 17.5 so it is time to re-evaluate this game: Offense: Slight edge to Miami. Defense is about all Duke has, and Miami's offense isn't all that great agai...

Deer Blue Devils,
We're not afraid of you. We never have been. You'll need more than a 40-foot miracle this year. Get ready.. punks. Your plas, The Virginia Tech H...

UNC ball

We are so good that
I don't even feel like hating Duke anymore. Maryland alone has more than enough hate to go around for this season. BTW, it time to start marking those non-basketball post OT agai...

Let's all get drunk and taunt Miami
Seriously, dudes. What are the chances Duke players are smrat enough to talk a little shit against Miami? What are the chances you'd like to join them? F! I! U! CK! ...

Duke-Miami thots
We live in the land of meaningless punishment. Miami has 13 players suspended when their third string could play Duke even. BFD. Granted this is a sub-par Miami team, but come on, Du...

Greg Paulus breaks foot
Not the kind of news Duke faithful or true basketball fans want to hear: http://www.devilsbeat.com/ --Donnie -- Donnie Barnes http://www.donniebarnes.co...

Here's How A Non-Chickenhawk Would Have Done It
A Conversation With John Kerry Interview by Bob Woodward Sunday, October 15, 2006; B04 In the months before the 2004 presidential election, The Washington Post's ...

Protecting Marriage
http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/15/us/15census.html October 15, 2006 To Be Married Means to Be Outnumbered By SAM ROBERTS Married couples, whose numbers have been ...

Use helmet to hit other team
I just saw one of Miami player did that. That is a first.

Cards bitch-slap Mets
Shut 'em out 5-0 on 3 hits. Strong accurate arms on the mound and in the field, the flashing leather of acrobats in the infield and gazelles in the outfield, timely hitting and daring ...

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