College basketball web sites?
When I want information about college football, there are three sites which answer most of my questions: http://football.stassen.c...

"NCAA affirms ban on Fighting Sioux"
NCAA affirms ban on Fighting Sioux at

"Friendship beyond school rivalries"
Friendship beyond school rivalries Matt Krimm and Erik Kristensen, who died this summer at age 33 while serving in Afghanistan, had known each other for 25 years through their families,...

Mr. Sun explains Coach K -- It Came From C. L. Smith's Unclaimed Mysteries. The Julio Franco of rsfc....

To Art Deco
I notice that Tholen does not respond to any of your posts. I'd like to congratulate you on defeating him so convincingly that he has actually surrendered. How did you defeat Tholen so sou...

Congrats to Sendak
Herb's is now NC State's most popular coach. Keep up the good work!

after the game -
Whether celebrating or drowning your sorrows, check out ( for over 13700 non and alcoholic drink recipes. We current have a college contest on and we are giving awa...

Get a website in just five minutes
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Get a website in just five minutes
<HTML> <HEAD> <META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Microsoft DHTML Editing Control"> <TITLE></TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <P>Get vers...

PING Classic Tholenator(tm)
Just to let you know, your recent nomination for the prestigious Unibomber Surprise Kook Award has been accepted! See: <> ...

The Anthony F. Roberts Book Scholarship has been established to help alleviate some of the financial pressure associated with a college education. This year, The Anthony F. Roberts Scholarship is offe...

Tedward, You still owe me that spleen. -- "I wish people who had trouble communicating would just shut up." -- Tom Lehrer ...

Just picked up Athlon's and Lindy's
Yeah, they're the early previews, but I have a compulsion. Athlon says that New Jersey Tech is moving up to DI, starting next year. Anyone heard anything about that? --

Coaches Care Hurricane Relief Auction
The COACHES CARE auctions have begun! Items from all the major coaches in college and pros - and some athletes too. More and more items added daily! All proceeds go to Habit...

How common?
K tries to play a game near every recruit's hometown. Is this SOP for most coaches? If nothing else, it ought to be free hoopla for recruiting. --Tedward

Mickey T's Screen printing will be able to provide you with all your Jersey or Competitive gear needs. We are a full service screen printing and embroidery shop that specializes in hassle f...

I'll be back in 90 days....with full preview and predictions
here's an excerpt: DeMarcus is gonna dunk on people all fucking year.

Mascot Name Irony: Hugo, the Hornet
Hugo, the mascot of the New Orlean's Hornets, is named after the 1989 hurricaine that hit Charlotte.

Speaking of insensitive team names...
The Miami Hurricanes need to change their name. I'm thinking "Rescuers" or "Red Crosses" or "Refugees". It's time to honor the victims of Katrina instead of insulting them. ...

Coaches Auction to Benefit Hurricane Victims - Bid on incredible sports gifts and packages, like trip to conference basketball tournaments with coaches, lunches with coaches, autographed st...


Sir Dozer of Bull
If they rebuild New Orleans, I think we should regulate bulldozers and Bobcats along with suitcase nukes and jet airplanes. I hear that just about any Arab-American can walk into an eq...

What a tough off-season...
First, Galindo decides to transfer. Then Giddens gets knifed in a bar fight. Then the basketball team turns itself in for minor violations. sheesh... Finally something positive....

Tholenbot Site Found!
Now we know why Tholen sounds like a bot. He IS one! Double-A

hurricane report

"Indian logo ban appealed by University of North Dakota and Central Michigan University"
Indian logo ban appealed by University of North Dakota and Central Michigan University at

OT: Looters
Is there really a more low-down person than that which robs a hospital van and shoots at rescue helicopters? Another of many reasons to hate gang members. Farewell New Orleans. I hope the...

What sort of kook is Dickless Davie Tholen?
I'd like to see everyone answer this question.

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