ACC Offense/Defense Ratings (All Games Through NCAA Tournament 2nd Round)
Welcome to the eighteenth in my weekly series of posts assessing the offensive & defensive performance of ACC teams in all games. First is the rating of team offensive ...

college coaches that coach professionals
I can think of a few college coaches (basketball, football) that were very successful in college, but not very successful as coaches in the pro leagues (NBA, NFL). One of the excuses is tha...

the new 3 point line 20.5 feet
I asked this before, sorry, but is the new 3-point line of 20.5 feet set to be used next season, or is there still some uncertainty?

OT: New 450hp Shelby Mustang unveiled
New Shelby Mustang unveiled Four-hundred-and-fifty hp, six speed Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 marks return of partnership.

NCAA College Basketball Talking Bottle Openers
NCAA College Basketball Talking Bottle Openers TONS of teams to choose from including Duke, Illinois, North Carolina, UK Wildcats, and mor...

93% of the country will get Duke/Michigan State (USAT)
From .htm -- [=2E..] Wolfpack-Badgers squeezed The drawing power of North C...

"Don't hate Duke star; hate his game" (St. Pete) Don't hate Duke star; hate his game J.J. Redick takes flak outside Durham, N.C., but not necessarily for averaging 2...

"Making A Pitch: Krzyzewski says ads in good taste" (W-SJ)
Wednesday, March 23, 2005 Making A Pitch: Krzyzewski says ads in good taste By John Delong JOURNAL REPORTER DURHAM Tired of seeing Mike Krzyzewski pop up on so man...

"Paul, Redick named 1st-team All-Americans" (Charlotte)
Posted on Wed, Mar. 23, 2005 Paul, Redick named 1st-team All-Americans Sophomore point guard...

Redick: "Why is he Public Enemy No. 1?" (Charlotte)
Posted on Wed, Mar. 23, 2005 COMMENTARY / SCOTT FOWLER Why is he Public Enemy No. 1? Redick 1 of ACC's best players and its most despised

What happened to Tholen?
Tholen has always responded to every single post addressed to him, but I've noticed some posts addressed to him in the last week or so, and he has not responded. Is there something wrong wi...,,,,
College Sports Careers - Careers in Motion Looking for a new job? Looking for an exciting career in college sports? Try College Sports Careers today to find your dream job as a At...

I think that UNC will not make the final four this year. If there is one thing we know about the current makeup of the team, it's that they can get overconfident. They are very inconsistent ...

Well, It's Been A Great Year
I've been really pleased with Duke's season. Going into the year, I figured on a fourth place finish in the regular season, at least six losses in conference, a semifinal loss in t...

Milt, please stop your contest now!
Quick, while I'm in second place! Being the only front-runner with only one FF team left, I find myself somewhat pessimistic about my chances... OTOH, Drew's Alternate Reality and Dre...

Geez, I go away for a few days...
...and I have 1100 posts waiting for me upon my return. You'd think I missed some big college basketball weekend or something. In other news, Duke gets to play a team named ...

ALAS!!! My poor Shockers...
Oh what fate of ill has fallen my beloved Shockers.... I've watched it on tape 15 times and still can't believe they let that guy that wide open. After pulling off a brilliant play to...

This place is dead...
so I need some opinions: 1. Who is better: Reddick or Stoudamire? I say Stoudamire. Much better shooting percentage and probably a better defender. 2. Should Che...

My Sweet 16 Picks, Just for the Hell of It
Illinois over Wisconsin-Milwaukee -- No comment necessary, with all due respect to UMW. Oklahoma State over Arizona -- Closest game of the round, I feel. But diversity wins out. <...

Just a thought: Vitale Does he ever add anything tangible to the discussion of college basketball?

RSBC NCAA Picking Contest: Round 3 ready
For those of you interested in the round by round version of the picking contest, round 3 is ready for picking (in fact, it was ready pretty much as soon as round 2 ended, I just forgot to p...

Bobby Knight Is Beginning to Act Knightlike
His success is leading Bobby Knight into his old ways again, apparently. Now he seems to have publicly dissed IU's coach Mike Davis, saying that he (Knight) told his (Knight's) so...

"Chaney Will Return As Temple Coach" (AP)
Mar 21, 11:38 PM EST Chaney Will Return As Temple Coach By DAN GELSTON AP Sports Writer PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- John Chaney will return to coach Temple for another season, ...

Probabilities Of NCAA Tournament Finishes
After the first two rounds, here are the probabilities for each team reaching each subsequent round, using the updated Pomeroy ratings. Elite Eight Illinois ...

Watch Sportcenter for the finish of Vandy/Wichita St.
Game at Vanderbilt. Down 3, Wichita State at the line with 3.7 seconds on the clock. Shooter has to miss the second free-throw on purpose and hope for the tip-in. It happen...

Villanueva Declaring for NBA?
I think he needs one more season of seasoning, if you will.

Anyone watching the women's tourney?
USC and Michigan State just played a very entertaining game.

Free Starbucks Giftcard for a 30 second web survey
Limited Offer - Free $500 Starbucks Giftcard All you have to do is take a 30 second long web survey and opt in to get some email offers The Starbucks Card i...

bad day at the free throw line
I shot about 30 free throws for the fun of it today. Made about 67%. Shot another 100 later and made 45%. I have better respect for what I used to consider bad percentages for TV players. ...

Villanova's Curtis Sumpter out of NCAAs (knee)
Curtis Sumpter was injured in the game with Florida. Now MRI shows he has a torn ligament in the left knee. He's the 2nd leading scorer. So UNC has an even easier path to the Final ...

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