Coach K Undressed Again
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NC State painful to watch
I was pretty uneasy at half-time. After Wisconsin played terrible in the first half, we had not closed the door. Had we shot well late in the half we could have easily been up by 20 or mor...

"He didn't give him a Chris Paul shot"
I think Lundquist and Raftery have been downing a few Irish coffees tonight. "I don't look at myself as a basketball coach; I look at myself as a leader who happens to coach...

Big Ten >>>>>>>>>> ACC
Proof is in the pudding, eh?

Newsflash: Duke was the lone undeserving 1 seed
Louisville >> Michigan State Nuff said. JB

Shadenfreude Is Flyin'...
..and the morons are thick on the ground. -- Real men don't need macho posturing to bolster their egos. George W. Harris For actual email address, replace each 'u' with a...

To all of the genuses who said the Big Ten was crap this year......
....feel free to pour yourself a nice steaming cup of Shut The F*ck Up anytime. While you're at it, pour yourself a heaping cup of Go F*ck Yourself, along with a mugfu...

Dookie V sez...
Certainly Duke is Duke...

10:06 tip time for UNC-'Nova

Whenever Duke loses ...
... traffic to this group increases tenfold.

Quality of Play
I have to say that Louisville (especially), Arizona, Illinois (no surprise, of course), and Oklahoma State (even in losing) looked better than any of the four teams we've seen so far tonight...

Clock Strike 12 on Cinderella
The ACC champ goes down in a blaze of glory. The over-achieving Blue Devils run into a great MSU team. The foul machine caught up with the Duke team - also you live by the 3 and die by the...

Congratulations UNC
Tonight you won the National Championship. I think that if anything could have derailed you, it would have been an epic game against Duke in the Final Four.

Buh Bye!!!
Yes, Congrats Duke , you got as far as Milwaukee Wisconsin and almost as far as West Virgina AWESOME BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... just how many layups did The Greatest Shooter In The History Of The World (TM) miss?

Quiz Time on RSBC
Starting now, by what percentage will the traffic on RSBC go down by? a) 20% b) 50% c) 80% -- I'm so hip I have trouble seeing over my pelvis. I'...

Congrats, Spartans
Michigan State just had more energy and desire. They were a lot fresher, and their superior depth let them keep pressure on Duke, getting to rebounds and forcing turnovers througho...

Worry Sam
Cause your sorry ass Dewkies are going down down down!!! Mwah ha ha ha about an overrated #1 seed. Boy, was JJ Reddick clutch or what? Best damned shooter in the...

Bye bye DOOK
So sorry to see you go. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Deer Sparty
Who keeps leaving Melchionni wide open? Please to be stopping that. Thank you, Drew

What a goofy, loudmouthed, barking asshole. Another textbook example from the "Wojo page" that illustrates why Dewk is so reviled. White guys who look as dorky as Melchionni never ex...

Duke Propaganda
It isn't bad enough that we have to see the rat face on the tube endlessly. Now we have to look at Amaker and have him proclaimed a coaching genius at Michigan. Nothing like constant exposure

JJ's brickin'
JJ shoots a poor percentage because the opposition always keys on him. Uh huh. We all knew already what bullshit that was, and tonight is confirming it. And the theory also goes tha...

Friendly shot clock operator bites Duke on the butt
The shot was taken off the board, and rightly so, but that was just too damned funny. Question - Does Anderson still get credit for the steal? Or do they just pretend the whole busted...

Heh heh...nice try, Dewk clockers
Heh the clock operator, obviously paid off by Dewk alums, tried to screw MSU by starting it late and it almost came back to burn them. Of course, if Dewk buries a three ...

What is Packer talking about?
He said only three teams that were in the sweet 16 last year are there this year - Illinois and the two teams in his game, Duke and Michigan State. Michigan State lost in the first round to...

If Duke doesn't start hanging on to the ball and blocking out, this could get ugly. Some would say it's already gotten ugly. -- Never give a loaded gun to a woman i...

Losses to teams seeded lower (higher #s)
So, ESPN last night put up a graphic about coaches whose teams have lost the most in the NCAAs to higher-numbered seeds. This in the wake of Bobby Knight's loss (#6 losing to a #7).

Don't Worry, Sam!
As you know, I'm six hours ahead over here. What that means is that I'm technically in the future, and as such, I have already watched tonight's Duke-MSU matchup. It was tough game; very p...

OT - off topic - Update - Double Retardation School Pregnancy
Family blames School for Mar Lin daughter's pregnancy A Mar Lin woman is blaming the Schuylkill Intermediate Unit 29 for her mentally challenged daughter's pregnancy. Michael ...

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