Michigan State won it during...
.. that incredible stretch during the 3rd minute of the first OT when they were down by 4, missed a ton of shots, but kept getting offensive rebound after offensive rebound, until finally Br...

UNC will lose to Mich St
UNC are a bunch of street ballers with tons of talent but no discipline. Roy let them run amok and on talent alone they've gotten this far. But against a solid coach such as Mr Izzo, their...

Announcers masturbating over Sean May

How about a Big 10 Final: ILL vs Mich St?
I know CBS does not want this to happen!

Dear Drew, please remember to breathe
Sincerely, the r.s.b.c. medical staff

So, why didn't Michigan State foul ...
when they were up by 3 with 10 seconds to go? Send the guy to the line for two FTs. Have people stopped doing this in basketball?

Tom Izzo
...has gone to the Lute Olson school of putting an opponent away when it's down. JB

You'd have to be blind...
...not to see that Sparks's foot was on the three point line. JB

i am sick and tired...
.. of big 10 teams rallying to win in the 2nd half. -- "The federal judiciary is working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and...

Regarding Sean May
Please be explaining to me the rationale behind why Mr. May (he of the 29-14) should return for a senior year in college? And Rashad "Jail" McCants for that matter? (Well, McCants I unde...

Josh McRoberts
I was reading an ESPN article on the NBA draft, and it looks like McRoberts is a projected 2nd round pick, primarily because he's a big man who likes to play on the perimeter. So at...

Somebody guard Patrick Sparks
Thank you.

Most Elite 8s since 1999? Michigan State!
They have five. No one else has more than three.

Bigger Choke in NCAAs?
Has there ever been a bigger choke than Arizona's yesterday? Blowing a 15-point lead with four minutes left in the game?

Come on Kentucky, beat Michigan State. If we get by MSU, we get a rematch with Carolina and with our momentum we should take the 2nd game.

Final Four, baby!
Go Tarheels!

They almost made it
They almost got through an entire Wisconsin game without referring to Mike Wilkinson's girlfriend. Oh, well. Drew

First UNC - Wisconsin meeting EVER?
They just said that. That's hard to believe, especially with the annual ACC - Big 10 showdown. Are they right about this?

UW-UNC tied at 44
I'm not sure what is more shocking, the fact that UW scored 44 points in one half, or the fact that they gave up 44. Must be the cold meds. I be hallucinating. The fact that they...

Help Please ILLINI Game missed....
I had my ReplayTV get hung up and missed the game - anyone have a video tape of the game I can get? Or know of a way I can download a digital copy to PC and move to my Replay???

The "real" ACC Championship
So, outside of the fact that the ACC office deems the ACC tournament winner to be official "champions" of the conference, how does one determine that the results of four days worth of ...

bracket unpredictability
I can't even predict who will win with a minute remaining in the game. Who can predict the brackets?

desperation buzzer shots
I read in this newsgroup that desperation buzzer shots are not counted as field goal attempts (if missed). Question. Where do they draw the line? 30,40,50,60 feet? If a team ...

best college teams NOT to win NCAA title
Hello everyone, I just wanted to get people's opinions on this topic: best college team NOT to win NCAA title. I made my own tentative "top 20 list" which looks like this:...

Illinois v UNC... IF it happens
Everyone keeps yapping about UNC being the most talented team, but I don't know about that. They both have players that will play pro, but Illinois boys seem more 'built' for the NBA. Will...

PING John Cheney
Deer John: Did you notice how UK sent in Bradley to take out Bogut? Slick, eh? Take heed! Your friend, mimus -- The Usenet voice...

Arizona taunting Illini?
I've been reading on a couple of message boards that when up by 15, Arizona players started talking smack to the Illinois players, at which point the Illini basically rose up. I was n...

Day of the Couldabeens
Goddamit! I had such hopes after WVU knocked off Knight! And then Arizona . . . Arizona . . . goddamit! On the plus side, Louisville and Illinois didn't exactly look invuln...

Where was Salim?
Arizona's entire year came down to one shot. How does Lute Olson not demand that Salim take the last shot? He is only the best pure shooter in the college game. It's a damn shame. ...

Dear Illinois
Great win. Great comeback. It won't mean jack doodley squat if you don't figure out a way to get the ball into James Augustine in the semifinal a week from tonight. ...

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