N&H Rankings - Division I Men (2/7/05)
Top 5 conferences: 1. Atlantic Coast 153-75 (103-25 OOC) 2. Big Twelve 160-78 (110-28) 3. Big East 159-79 (106-26) 4. Southeastern 159-91 (107-39)

UK-Vandy Question
Where Alleyne? -- The Usenet voice of the Kentucky Wildcats! (Please ignore.)

Proof the Coach K is a stinky whiner

Duke/UNC preview
Duke wins if: Reddick shoots lights out Williams stays in the game UNC gets into foul trouble or behind big early UNC wins if: Jawaad plays well Raymond goes like 1...

Deer Mike Alden
You da man! http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/sports/colleges/university_of_missouri/10821679.htm or http://tinyurl.com/5w89v I must admit, how...

Worst Clock Management Ever
Two words: Vegas Betting Scandal. --Tedward

Winless Watch
Savannah State is still winless, having lost 92-64 to Georgia Southern and 92-68 at Florida A&M. 330 Savannah State 22.82 0-25 2/8 @Mercer 2/11 @Bethune-Cookman 2/...

Updated Projected Final ACC Standings
Well, we're most of the way through the conference schedule, so we can begin to look at the rest of the schedule and try to estimate the final standings. This year I'm doing things...

ACC Offense/Defense Ratings (Conference Games Through 2/6/05)
Welcome to the fourth in my weekly series of posts assessing the offensive & defensive performance of ACC teams in conference games. First is the rating of team offensive <...

ACC Offense/Defense Ratings (All Games Through 2/6/05)
Welcome to the eleventh in my weekly series of posts assessing the offensive & defensive performance of ACC teams in all games. This early in the season, it's difficult to compare ...

ACC Power Ratings Through 2/6/05
Below are power ratings for ACC men's basketball games considering only the scores of games between conference members through Sunday, February 6th. The first rating takes ma...

Who is the player wanting to wake up coach K
but an assistant coach stopped him? I only saw an hand on camera.

RSBC Picking Contest Results, Weekend 5 (2005-02-04)
For the week of 20050205: Sorted by Pct: Name W-L Pct. Error MnErr Error2 RMSErr me 26-7 0.788 292 8.85 4232 11.32 Pomeroy ...

Illinois won't lose until the B10 Championship. That will be thier final loss *unless* they run into UNC (meaning UNC stopped brain farting). I have several UNC voodoo dolls for s...

Big Ten Standings (2005/02/07)
Big Ten standings as of 2005/02/07 Conference AW Overall Last Last Team W L Pct Home Away HL W L Pct Strk 5 ...

Marshall Explodes Again
Marshall U., after going in with a record of 2-10 January 11th against then #24- ranked WVU and winning to "cap" their pre- season, just went in 0-10 in the MAC against #3 in the MAC Ball S...

Coach K with his priorities in order. ;)
>From http://www.news-record.com/sports/acc/duke_bkb_020605.htm -- After bouncing off the bench to argue a foul call against Daniel Ewing, Krzyzewski suddenly slumped to the fl...

unbelievable finish
UMKC up by 3. Chicago State player, double-teamed in the corner, throws in a prayer to tie the game with 1.9 secs left. Chicago State then steals inbound pass and swishes a 55 footer to...

ACC Power Ratings Through 2/5/05
Below are power ratings for ACC men's basketball games considering only the scores of games between conference members through Saturday, February 5th. The first rating takes ...

35-28 when I tuned in to the game and that...
...was Notre Dame's lead over the Orange. "Hey!" I thought, "How much time left in the first half?" Make that 14 minutes left in the second half. In other news, apparently ...

A fork for GT
You need Elder like the desert needs the rain. I was not happy with Duke's offense, but GT sucked liek a Hoover. I woud be willing to drop my schtick if GT had looked like anythi...

Al Horford: Rebouding Machine
14 points, 18 boards, 2 blocks for the Crocs' 85-54 win over the Crimpson Tide. Not bad for a first year student. Hopefully, he has gotten himself far enough away fr...

Minnesota-Badger game
Not caring who won but wanted to watch a little BB on Saturday afternoon I tuned into the Minnesota-Badger game. Worst officiated game I have ever seen. It was almost like the refs...

Welcome to the bubble, Texas
Texas played the last 6 minutes of regulation and all of overtime like someone paid them to throw the game. I think one of our assistant coaches was flipping through a rulebook on the benc...

coach k
Any word on why K fainted? He returned to the bench so hopefully he is fine.

The ACC at midseason (Charlotte)
Posted on Sat, Feb. 05, 2005 ACC AT MIDSEASON Conference as good as ever in 1st year of expansion KEN TYSIAC RALEIGH BUREAU http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/sports/colle...

Schmolik 64 Update (Feb. 4)
Hello, college basketball fans! This is the first Schmolik 64 update for 2005. This is my eleventh season doing the Schmolik 64. I will be making updates periodically up to Select...

Is Sendek in denial?
>From http://www.news-record.com/sports/hardin/hardin_020405.htm -- Williams sounded like he needed a day off after watching his team win by 24. Sendek sounded like he was in den...

Biggest "Flops" Ever
That is, McD AA, Mr. Basketball, "He's going to be SOMETHING SPE-SHULLLLLLLLLLLL" ((tm) Duke Vitale), and then barely making third team all-conference as a senior. A few for...

[OT] Dean Wormer leaves Faber College for good
Actor John Vernon died on Tuesday after complications from heart surgery that took place on Jan. 16. Vernon will forever be known as Dean Wormer, the sworn enemy of the Delta House, in the c...

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