Rashad McCants judged ...
... found lacking. What a whiny, pouting, selfish putz.

Unbeatable Endgame Strategy:
1. Dribble Ball 2. ... 3. Win the game! It almost worked for Carolina.

The good news is... losing by 1 with McCants and Jawad shooting awful. The bad news is.. losing by 1. See ya in Chapel Hill Dukies...

3's killing UNC
Duke hits em when they need em. Puts too much pressure on UNC's defense when they keep throwing those in. Ewing showing up in 2nd half isn't good.

3's killing UNC
Duke hits em when they need em. Puts too much pressure on UNC's defense when they keep throwing those in. Ewing showing up in 2nd half isn't good.

Big Ten Standings (2005/02/11)
Big Ten standings as of 2005/02/11 Conference AW Overall Last Last Team W L Pct Home Away HL W L Pct Strk 5 ...

Most important first half stat
Rsfck the score. The phantom second foul on Shelden Williams will cost Duke the game. Once it gets away, that's right, UNC by 21. If Duke continues playing above their heads and ...

Duke playing well.. 1st half
Duke is really pushing UNC out on the offensive side and just beating them 1-on-1. Raymond still hasn't learned that there are times to run and times to set up an offense. He and Rashad re...

Leepin' Lizards
What the hell got into Memphis tonight??? -- Cheers, --Jeff Let's Go Orange!

[POLL] unc/puke
how many of the unc starting five will have 2+ fouls as espn goes to the second tv timeout? over/under 2.5 extra credit for naming the exact players, besides the obvious fel...

Why are UNC fans mad I don't respect their squad?
Dudes, you beat UK...so? They didn't even know how to play when you played them. They were kids. I'm all but certain that team would kick your team's ass right now. (Tubby's gonna win ...

"Devils are where they usually are" (ESPN)
"Devils are where they usually are" http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/columns/story?columnist=katz_andy&id=1987565

5 hours, 18 minutes till Duke is exposed.
Not. An. Anti. Woof! --Tedward

Conference records vs. Sagarin top 10, top 30
Here are the records of conferences versus the Sagarin top 10 and top 30. The columns are: -- conference name -- record vs. top 10 (pct) -- record vs. top 30 (pct) -...

Round 1
I still think Duke is the slight favorite. They just play UNC well at home and usally win. I'm picking UNC but I hope the world doesn't acted 'shocked' if Duke wins. They (the media) seem...

Don't believe everything you see about Rupp...
Thad Jaracz will not rush to the movie theater nearest him in March to view someone's latest depiction of Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp and the Wildcats' 1966 national championship game against...

Undefeated teams
>Milt Epstein <mepstein@uiuc.edu> writes: [ ... ] >That leaves two undefeated teams (with their Sagarin ranking/rating >and record): > > 1 Illinois ...

TestING testING
does it work?

return of elder
I'm cautiously optimistic. He looked like he was getting reacquainted with his game but showed why he's our best scorer in the second half. Added bonus of getting Jeremis Smith back, thoug...

ACC Power Ratings Through 2/8/05
Below are power ratings for ACC men's basketball games considering only the scores of games between conference members through Tuesday, February 8th. The first rating takes m...

The portion of the game I saw went about like I would have expected Illinois/Michigan to go, but when I tuned in, there were 13 minutes left and Illinois had under 30 points. What the hel...

Kentucky trails
Kentucky is trailing but Tubby is legendary for comebacks. He will find a way. Officiating is awful. Clearly favors Florida.

Notable Duke-UNC memories from Cameron
Posted on Tue, Feb. 08, 2005 Duke-North Carolina At Cameron http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/sports/colleges/10843420.htm Among the most memorable Duke-North Carolina men's ...

"Cameron Indoor Stadium is shrine of college hoops" (Charlotte Observer)
Posted on Tue, Feb. 08, 2005 College basketball's Blue Classic Cameron Indoor Stadium is shrine of college hoops RON GREEN JR. STAFF WRITER http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlo...

GT's Hewitt says book is full of crap
Hewitt denies book's charge of $250,000 offer to recruit By RANA L. CASH The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 02/08/05 http://www.ajc.com/news/content/sports/gatech/0205/...

[OT] Nude Man Accused of Stalking Anna Kournikova
Man Accused of Stalking Anna Kournikova http://www.ajc.com/sports/content/shared-gen/ap/General_Tennis_News/TEN_Kournikova_Stalker.html MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - A homeless man was charged w...

The Definitive Chord & Scale Bible - Literally EVERY chord and scale!
Finally it exists!! IF YOU PLAY GUITAR, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!! Listen to my story: In the process of teaching myself guitar, I went looking for a book that simply had the all th...

N&H Rankings - Division III (2/7/05)
Top 5 conferences: 1. Illinois-Wisconsin 96-58 (63-25 OOC) 2. University 93-63 (58-28) 3. Wisconsin 112-75 (56-19) 4. NEWMAC 84-57...

N&H Rankings - Division II (2/7/05)
Top 5 conferences: 1. North Central 109-49 (83-23 OOC) 2. Pacific West 69-46 (43-20) 3. Great Northwest 114-86 (60-32) 4. Gulf South 204-147 (128-71) <...

N&H Rankings - Division I Women (2/7/05)
Top 5 conferences: 1. Atlantic Coast 164-74 (117-27 OOC) 2. Southeastern 172-90 (121-39) 3. Big Twelve 150-91 (95-36) 4. Big Ten 143-98 (85-40) ...

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