Argh. Tropical depression. Request massive relief effort. Send Prozac. --Tedward

Is Jim Close out there????
Hi there I was wondering if anybody nows whether or not Jim Close is still out there trading music. Jim used to go by the e mail address of

[OT] Yahoo! Fantasy Football league
League Settings League ID#: 527594 League Name: Blood 'n Guts Football Password: superbowl Draft Type: Autopick Draft Max Teams: 12 Scoring Type: Head-to-He...

American Niggers Can't Jump
What Happened Niggers ?? you could'nt jump in the Olympics.... All the european white men kicked your butt big time... stop claiming that you american nigger are the best in basketball.. you...

Spanish coach uglier than Americans ATHENS - Coach Mario Pesquera accomplished the near impossible Thursday at the Olympic Games. No, his Spanish m...

Larry Brown exposes his own foolishness ATHENS - Larry Brown did what Larry Brown always does when trapped in a corner like a guard who stopped his ...

"Boateng Commits to Duke" (Duke Chronicle)
August 25, 2004 BOATENG COMMITS TO DUKE Center joins already solid recruiting class of 2005 by Michael Mueller

"UNC's Bohlander says his playing days are over" (GN&R)
UNC's Bohlander says his playing days are over 8-26-04 By Todd Graff, Staff Writer News & Record Summerfield...

Re: Lietuva! Lietuva! Lietuva!
"Granville Waiters' Ghost" <x@x.x> wrote: > In article <412c3823$0$25605$>, "Mr Black" > <mr_black@ REMOVE SPAMBLOCK

Miami Hurricanes Tickets
visit - Free Ticket Classifieds Site for all South Florida's Hottest Events and Attractions!

Yao breaks into tears Houston Rocket center Yao Ming nearly broke into tears talking about China's 67-66 victory Monday over Serbia-Mo...

Bush shouldn't risk being seen with despised 'Scream Team' Word is, President Bush is considering an impromptu visit to the Summer Games. Unless he wants to...

Nelson has free advice for America ATHENS - (KRT) - Donn Nelson's throat was still sore Sunday from trying to shout instructions to his players from a dis...

"North Carolina adds top basketball recruit" (GN&R)
North Carolina adds top basketball recruit 8-23-04 By Jeff Carlton Staff Writer News & Record Tyler H...

USA Team complains about the refs "They've got everybody on their side," Marion said after the United States fell Saturday to Lithuania. "It's like it...

this is a followup to a very old message (headers at end): > from dim memory ... > > hoya is short for hoya saxon, which means "what rocks" in some damn > langua...

Lietuva! Lietuva! Lietuva!
Lithuania rubs the Dream Team's face into it! 94 vs 90 Ha! Ha! Ha! Heres a good dog USA. Douti koja!

USA exposes....
....err exposed.;_ylc=X3oDMTBpYTg2ZTBwBF9TAzk1ODY xOTQ4BHNlYwN0bQ--?slug=ap-lithuania-usbko&prov=ap&type=lgns ATHENS, Greec...

Gwen Stefani
I would like to watch Gwen dive her barenaked ass to my birthday cake, crash and cram her crack and anus on it, then blow a long, gigantic and thunderous fart into it. S.

ACC Releases 2004-05 ACC Basketball Schedule
ACC Releases 2004-05 ACC Basketball Schedule Record-setting 261 television appearances highlight 2004-05 ACC basketball schedule.

Carmelo continues to expose his own foolishness,1413,36~118~2346768,00.html Athens - Not long after his team had rallied from a 12-point deficit Thursday, registering an 89-79 win over Australia, ...

Athletic Graduate Assistant Survey Results
Athletic Graduate Assistant Survey Results Comments to each question that might be helpful to you in evaluating the future of your Gra...

"UConn assistant arrested in prostitution sting" (AP)
UConn assistant arrested in prostitution sting Posted: Thursday August 19, 2004 12:04AM; Updated: Thursday August 19, 2004 12:04AM

Deer Sheldon Williams
Please to be fouling a lot less this year. Shav isn't a center. You're all we've got, dude. For some reason the name "Shavlik" seems appropriate for that boy's haircut. In...

I can almost smell the football. As bad as things are, only a couple of weeks of misery remain. --Tedward

Richard Jefferson
What the hell has happened to this guy in the Olympics? He's a pretty good player, but looks completely lost out there. Does he just thrive on NJ's up-tempo game that much that the h...

Iverson accuses other players of not being team players According to Iverson, the burden of carrying the group is tough because there are "one or two guys" who don't understand the team ...

James says losing in Olympics is no big deal 67f13c10e1.html "People are making such a big deal about it," James said, agitated with the line of qu...

'Big O' rips Team USA
Oscar Robertson, who played on the 1960 U.S. Gold Medal team, knows something about how the game is supposed to be played. What he saw Sunday didn't qualify. (more) http://enqui...

1988 McDonald's Game
Does anyone have the box score to this game?

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