One Down, one to go....
Good job Duke ladies. Hopefully the men will follow in you footsteps this weekend.

Observations on Women's College B'Ball
You have to admit, their enthusiasm is great - screaming, crying, jumping up and down. A lot like the way they act when they're your wife. As for male coaches of women's teams...What'...

Ohio State was robbed!!!! (Illinois wins 64-63)
Ohio State down one point, with the ball, driving the basket in the lane with almost no time remaining, physical contact from *moving* Augustine of Illinois, the ball slips out, no cal...

what does this formula get ya?
2 preseason all-americans(johnson & paulding), 2 highly touted recruits(kleiza & gardner), a transfer who led div 1 in scoring 2 years ago(conley), a cant miss juco transfer point guard(pull...

Missouri Valley upset special.
SMS beating Southern Illinois 74-65 with 53.1 seconds left.

Syracuse's RPI and chance to get No. 1 seed
Before the UConn game, UConn's RPI is 5th and Syracuse is 10th according to CBS web site. With that win, Syracuse probably will get UConn's place since both teams have very high SOS rank. Do...

seth davis
all in the same halftime show: claims he's "surprised" that kansas at mizzou is close...why?...because of the way the columbia cats have lived up to their billing this year and pl...

who plays clemson in the play-in game?
someone mentioned to me that the loser of the uva/maryland game would play clemson. but the loser of that game will still be 6-10 along with fsu. given the way the acc tiebreaker rule works, a ...

Washington's win over Stanford obviously a fluke
Yeah, I know, U-Dub Fan probably burned a few moldy old couches last night, and maybe even a redwood or two, celebrating their supposed win over formerly undefeated Stanford. Don'...

When do they lay out the ACC bracket?
GT/Wake are dead tied for #3. They gotta flip to see who gets that spot, any idea when it happens?

St Joe's: #1
Go Hawks!

Another Classic..... loss.
Man, it's getting almost unbearable to watch UNC keep losing 'great games'. I think they've only won one this year (UConn). They just don't make 'the' big play when they need it. I though...

Duke/UNC: The Disappearing Williams-es
Sheldon Williams (them), Jawad Williams (us). The former especially stuck out to me. In our case, it seems Jawad--with the exception of the NC State game where he had 15--just isn't explodin...

c-usa has world worst officials
it is now official the game official in the c-usa have got to be the worst in the game today. memphis/cincinnati game an official signals a three point basket and play goes on. at the first ...

ACC Power Ratings Through Games Of 3/6/04
Below are power ratings for ACC men's basketball games considering only the scores of games between conference members through Saturday, March 6th 2004. For methodology and m...

Rochester College Wins USCAA D1 Men's Basketball Championship
Rochester College Wins USCAA D1 Men's Basketball Championship 2004 USCAA D1 MEN'S NATIONAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS at RHEMA Bible, Broken Arrow, Okla

duke will win this game, but that guy needs to stop being so worthless. he's missed 700 free throws so far.

Arkansas Baptist Celebrates USCAA D2 Men's Basketball Championship
Arkansas Baptist Celebrates USCAA D2 Men's Basketball Championship Championship Saturday Championship Arkansas Baptist 76, Williamson Trade 53 The...

About time!

Stanford goes thud...
After an amazing last second win earlier this week against a mediocre team, Stanford loses by 13 to Washington... Kind of a bad time of year to not be playing well... Tim

UVA - Maryland
Other than in 2002, Gary Williams and his teams have been the supreme chokers - I expect them to do the same tomorrow night - Go Hoos!

NC State
Thank you! Thank you! And in Winston-Salem, too! Maybe just maybe Carolina will win their game, although frankly I'm expecting a loss. But at least this one went the right w...

Armeggedon Imminent
Virginia Tech beat Georgetown. On the road. Hoyas are in danger of not even going to the Big East Tournament. Is this about the end of Escherick's rope, d'ya think?

Stanford-Washington State
So, no discussion of this game here? I can kind of understand that what with so many ECMB(TM)-afflicted people here, but what about all our west coast/Pac 10 denizens? I saw the end of thi...

Green Light beer's ads need to take a hike
If I hear that pseudo-California-surfer-accented "FEEEEEL THE BURRN!!" one more time......

Georgetown and Esherick
The guy is the worst college in IA

2004 USCAA D1 NATIONAL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE Men's D1 at RHEMA Bible, Broken Arrow, Okla Webcasting Men's D1

Seen at the gym today:
One of my former students wearing Duke basketball shorts and a "Carolina Basketball Camp" t-shirt. I thought that was quite the interesting choice for today.

UNC/Duke pick
UNC 80 Duke 74 McCants goes off for 26 Reddick is woeful from 3 and Sheldon Willams fouls out with 3 mins left Flubber plays well and scores 18 Felton 10 assists. ...

Paging Chris Barat
Or anyone there a new link to his NCAA tournament data? The old one I have no longer works...thanks! JL

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