28 Feb 2005 09:42:39
Harry Everhart
Stop being a bunch of babies about ACC Football Expansion

I am tired of people crying about not playing home and home anymore with
all the teams in basketball. The ACC can still do that. With 12 teams -
that would be 22 games for everyone to play everyone twice. They could
still do that and play six cupcakes. So it seems that ACC basketball
teams and fans would rather cry about the football championship than
give up a few more cupcakes at the beginning of the season. That ACC
football game will bring tons of money to the conference. I do not see
any "basketball powers" like UNC - Duke - Wake - UMD - willing to give
back their share.

Face it folks - FSU - Miami - VT - Clemson - BC - pulled a real coup by
getting the ACC to expand and add the championship game. Even though the
rest of the patsies will still get a chunk of all that TV money - they
will whine about how they lost their "round robin" basketball thingy
because of it. they lost their "round robin" thingy because they didn't
want to drop a few of those early "cupcake' victories every season. 7-0
here we go.