31 Aug 2005 00:58:55
thoughts on local broadcasts after watching via directv...

one thing i like about the directv extra innings package is that it gives
one a glimpse into each team's local coverage, which i find so much more
interesting than the homogenized production and commentary that nat'l
outlets like ESPN provide. not that this is a *bad* thing on ESPN's part,
but if you're watching a team you're familiar with, they tend to tell
anecdotes you're overfamiliar with since you follow the team and the rest of
the nation by and large does not.

local coverage usually has more depth. also more bias, but sometimes that's
a good thing.


- vin scully is still the man. he's slipping just a bit, but he's still one
of a kind.

- the seattle FSN affiliate that broadcasts mariners games sure has some
nifty production stuff. the super slo-mo cam and ball-tracking effects are
illuminating and fascinating.

- i like mark grace as a color announcer for the dbacks. kind of clownish
but endearingly so.

- similarly, bert blyleven brings a nice irreverency to the broadcast. good
insight on pitching, too, and he and dick bremer (play-by-play) make a great

- i think the cleveland announcers might be the most impartial announcers in
the league. no homerish antics and no home-team bashing either.

- while yankee fans love to complain about NESN announcers and red sox fans
love to moan about YES announcers, i don't think either team is terribly
homerish. they actually seem to usually go out of their way to be impartial
while still being excited about the home team winning. YES overcrowds the
booth with too many commentators and the NESN remdawg stuff gets a little
old, but i can't say either seems like unprofessional homers.

- i'll say as little about hawk harrelson and white sox coverage as possible
since i can't think of anything good to say.

- the tampa bay announcers are a good cure for insomnia.

- the announcing team for the los anaheim angles is a funny one: the
play-by-play is one of those real earnest guys; then of course there's the
spaztastic rex hudler, who would seem better suited to hosting infomercials
than doing color commentary; and lately, they've added a third guy, jose
mota, whose primary purpose, besides cutting into the broadcast commentary
while reporting from the sidelines, seems to be doing postgame interviews
with vlad and then interpreting his answers for the english audience
(surprisingly, he has yet to announce "beisbol has been berry berry good to