The Rose Award For 9-29-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Pat Burrell of the Philadelphia Phillies, who went three-for-three with four RBI and scored four runs in a 14-2 win over the Florida Marlins. Shane Victorin...

Baseball been very, very good to WHOM?
I found a reference to Sosa saying 'baseball has been very, very good to me' at the end of the '98 season. The most popular version of that quote goes back to Garrett Morris's Chico Escue...

The Rose Award For 9-28-2006.
The Rose Award goes to James Loney of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who went four-for-five with nine RBI and scored two runs in a 19-11 win over the Colorado Rockies. Who did the pitch...

The Modern Murderers Row
Well the Yankees have officially done it again! They have recreated a modern day "Murderers Row" lineup that would surely rival the offensive production of the 1927 Yankee team that origina...

Bonds, Steroids, Game of Shadows, and can a 37+ yo bat better than before?
I'm new to baseball so don't go ballistic. Going through the excellent book "Game of Shadows" by Fainaru-Wada and Williams. The numbers for Bonds shows he batted "better tha...

standings graphs
A few years ago had a graph where you could look at the standings for the year up to the current date. The X-axis was the date and the y-axis was how far over .500 the teams were a...

SCIFI and Horror baseball in books, etc.
"The year The Yankees Lost the Pennant" is an obvious example. Do any of you know of any good books with baseball SCIFI or horror in them? One I know: ...

Single location for baseball studies?
Has anyone put together a good "single" database of baseball studies if you want to look up whether one has been done? Things like, how certain are we that: David Ortiz is a real ...

I think someone done broke the humidor in Denver.
19-10!! brink

Cheapest win this season
Earlier this year there was a thread about cheap wins this season. People posted lines of 5 IP, 9 ER. At least those pitchers had to throw a lot of pitches. Last night Tyler John...

marlins: 4 rookies win 10 or more games
first time this has happened. my question: what is the record for the most wins by rookies on a team? did the marlins set it or was it a team that had a rookie 22 game winner or ...

silliest new major league "record"
although they always outdo themselves, someone found out that ( this is an approximation. i couldn't follow it and luckily only heard it once) the mets set a record losing two consecutive g...

The Rose Award For 9-27-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees, who went three-for-five with four RBI and scored three runs in a 16-5 win over the Baltimore Orioles. Giambi, Bobby Ab...

What's more important?
Which is more important? Composition or technical excellence/perfection?

a broadcasting travesty
To: ESPN-TV (via web form) Subject: Commercial interrupts huge moment Last night (9/27/06), Phillies at Washington, the score tied at 5 in the bottom of the ninth, wit...

World Series ratings nightmare?
Got to be Twins/Padres. However, this not being the NFL, we won't be seeing terribly officiated games that get a championship matchup more to the league's liking (Yankees/Dodgers).

Post-season format suggestions
Eliminate the rule that prohibits teams from the same division meeting in the first round. If the Phils are the wild card they should play the Mets instead of another team with fe...

The Rose Award For 9-26-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Ryan Garko of the Cleveland Indians, who went three-for-four with five RBI and scored one run in a 6-0 win over the Chicago White Sox. C.C. Sabathia tied a ...

A Minor Scoring Oddity
This is the situation: There's a runner on First and the batter hits the ball hard to the right of the shortstop, drawing him deep into the hole. He gets to the ball but it is cle...

Most consecutive home runs in a row?
about 10 days ago, the dodgers hit 4 in a row. i can't imagine the record would be much higher than that. i'd guess 5 in a row but would believe 6 although that sounds like a huge number con...

The Rose Award For 9-25-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Bobby Abreu of the New York Yankees, who went four-for-four with four RBI and scored three runs in a 16-1 win over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Abreu and Hidek...

Pete Rose to appear on Letterman on Oct. 2

Ties and Tie-breakers
AL: Detroit/Minnesota goes to Detroit on the tie-breaker (won the season series 11-8) Oakland/Los Angeles of Anaheim one-game tie-breaker in Anaheim NL: Too many possib...

Hello I have just joined the group
My name is Jamie and I thought I would send out a hello to everyone I am coaching for the first time this year and I am loving it. I also have a blog about baseball at http://yourbaseba...

The Rose Award For 9-24-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies, who went three-for-four with four RBI and scored two runs in a 10-7 win over the Florida Marlins. Utley homered tw...

Can an out be recorded after the game is over?
I am having a controversy with people in this group and a guy here now at home. If the game is in a sudden death situation and you have a situation presumably covered by rule 7.03(b) and 7.0...

Welcome to our web
Dear friend. Welcome to our web-- which is my favorite collection.if you look it,you sure can like it,Thank so much!!!

The Rose Award For 9-23-2006.
The Rose Award goes to Curtis Granderson of the Detroit Tigers, who went two-for-six with four RBI and scored two runs in a 15-4 win over the Kansas City Royals. Granderson homere...

Jesus, Myth of history or Son of God ?
My name is Lorenzo Crescini. I am a Captain of the merchant Navy now on retirement. When I was a secular missionary in an African leprosary, I wrote some Flashes on the Holy Gospels ...

Does a walk with the bases loaded guarentee a run?
Courtesy of grossman: Suppose there is a 3-2 count two outs bases loaded. Everybody is running except the man on third. He is having brainlock. The pitch is called a ball but the...

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