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Playoffs in HD
How come they are not broadcasting the playoffs in high definition?!?!? I find that very dissapointing. They broadcast regular season NFL games in HD and the Toronto Blue Jays broadcast in H...

Today In NYC MLB History = World History! ehe
On this day in 1927, Babe Ruth smacks his 60th homer of the season - breaking his own major league record. And in 1975, former Yankee & Met manager, Casey Stengel, dies at age 85. -D, NYC "N...

McCovey's Cove? nah!! Barry's Bay
how can it be called McCovey's Cove when Willie never even played there much less hit a homer at pac bell. it's like 3 River Stadium naming the left field stands "Kiner's Corner" or new...

DVD - 100 Years of World Series
Apparently there are two new DVDs coming out on October 7th for the 100th anniversary of the World Series. Now, I noticed there are two different versions on at different pri...

Some things never change.. shown in this picture. Players give it just a little more in the playoffs. And so do the Yan...

Bonds' armor
Why is Barry still allowed to wear his elbow armor? He's been wearing it for about 4 or 5 years now, hasn't he? Here's the rule... "Protective Elbow Pads No pla...

Trivia Question
Anybody know who was known as "The Giant Killler" and why? Bruce Grossberg

Guidelines for MVP voting?
Are there any guidelines written anywhere about how voters should vote for league MVPs? It sure doesn't seem like it, because some voters vote for players with the best stats, and others vot...

MVP and Cy Young deadlines
If sportswriters must submit their MVP and Cy Young ballots before the playoffs begin, does that mean some writers send in their ballots before the season ends and therefore before a player'...

Player Corbin Bernsen Needs My "Fountain of Youth" Program DESPERATELY!
Just the other day, I viewed film clips of Corbin Bernsen playing baseball. These were from 14 years ago, and even back then, Corbin Bernsen was showing significant signs of "over-the-hill" ...

it's official - Jayson Stark has lost his mind
he must do this under the theory that any publicity is good publicity. I doubt Shannon Stewart's mom thinks he's the AL MVP. Stark's ROFLMAO ballot: 1) Shannon Stewart 2) David O...

The Rose Award For 9-28-03.
The Rose Award goes to Jeff Bagwell of the Houston Astros, who went two-for-two with four RBI and scored two runs in a 8-5 win over the Milwaukee Brewers. Both of Jeff's hits were home...

rookie players
does anyone know where i can find a list of rookie players for each year?? i want to start a strat-o-matic ( net play league ( and r...

The Fastest Measured Fastball Ever Thrown in the Show Was ??
This trivia , which I can't answer, has been bugging me and I thought I'd ask. I have some vague memory of such feats being associated with Nolan Ryan in days of yore. 105MPH Fastball was <...

Career HR Notes for 2003
1) 3 players joined the top-100 list: Carlos Delgado is now 96th, Tino Martinez is now 99th, and Edgar Martinez is now tied for 100th. 2 players, Kent Hrbek and Rusty Staub, were bumped from...

Pitches per plate appearance
Sunday's NYT sports section had a table of 2003 team stats with this intro: "Bill a proponent of using non-traditional statistics to evaluate talent. For instance, he has shown t...

FS: Yanks Division GM1 tickets
2 tickets Section 25 Tier Reserve Row F Looking for $170. Will meet in manhattan to distribute tickets. Email me if interested

Re: American Sports vs. European Sports
Indeed. Football is an exciting sport ---- whereas soccer is often dull and boring, but not always ---- with two evenly-matched and superb teams fighting it out. Howeve...

Question on a radar gun
I'm looking to buy a radar gun and I don't know much about them. I've got my eye on a Bushnell Speedster Radar Gun sold through The Baseball Store (

My MVP system: dead?
Well, we'll see. The system pick this year is Pujols, but only if Javy Lopez doesn't count for failing to quality for the batting title. Bonds wound up with two system points (.300...

Blue Jays
How far will the blue jays go next season

The Rose Award For 9-27-03.
The Rose Award goes to Carl Everett of the Chicago White Sox, who went four-for-five with four RBI and scored two runs in a 19-3 win over the Kansas City Royals. The 19 runs were ...

Goodbye to the Vet
Aesthetically, it was long out of date, to be sure, but it still held its share of memories -- housing the greatest third baseman in the history of the game, one of its finest lefthanded pit...

Difference between pitches?
Hi! Some pitching questions I hope someone can answer: 1) What are the differences between a Curveball, a Slider and a Splitfinger? Each one seems to make a certain curve, b...

Who does major league baseball want to see in the World Series?
In terms of drawing a big TV crown, what do people think would be the best teams to make it into the world series? Here are my picks, in order: Yankees Cubs Yankees Gia...

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