Shooting skydivers for pleasure!!!
That's the sport of the future! Where can I shoot you???

Former California legislator celebrates 83rd birthday with skydiving in Lodi (Lodi News-Sentinel)

Hey that boot Chuck
I saw on Yahoo that Ancestor dot com just added 90 million war records going all the way back to the 1700's. Look and see if I was in the Continental Navy why don't cha? I'd like to know who...

Kicking Chumps to the curb....Rules of War for the American Novice! 0~ ;)
#1 Study the adversary. #2 Probe their lines for weakness #3 If they have a lot of jumps, break it down-----what kind of Jumps? Money or Fun, what are their real credentials? Most of it...

Chiseling Chump, kicked to the curb !!!
Yeah Jerry K a skim the sport kind of guy screwed with the wrong old man. Got kicked to the curb, washed along the gutter, fell through a grate.... sucked into googles archive sewe...

Complete Rig For Sale
Velocity Sports Equipment Infinity harness/container PISA Hornet 170 PISA Tempo 170 reserve Expert CYPRES (DOM 8/99) All like new! $3450 USD For details...

+Lost Prairie crash this morning ;(
The 182 went in with a Pilot, 2 TM/JM's and their passangers....all reported dead....Anybody have anything further?

Hey the chump change guy----JerryK
Google report------last 7 days activity In profile archives----------->1 Has to be you or Biggy butt, Chuck Chump gave up on that long ago knowing high ranking NCO's are always...

Anyone get laid last night? -- YOP... Nervous Nick

HEY CHUCK-----Old Sailors Chow sitrep (Thursday)
Spaghetti and meatballs Corn on the cob Shiner bock (1 glass) German Chocolate cake with 2 scoops of Blue Bell ice cream Coffee with one shot of Brandy after dinner...

Skydiving plane crashes on Cape Cod
Jim Mendonca opened a skydiving center at Marston's Mills on Cape Cod. On the first load, the jumpers exited, and the pilot had engine problems on the way back to the airport, and crashed....

Worlds first Muslim skydiving scool opens in Iran
PAAviation has recently opened the world's FIRST Muslim skydiving centre. Due to Islamic regulations, Muslim women were not permitted to jump with male skydive instructor...

Chump Jump files
Hey kid, how many loads you bother this weekend with that pin dance thing you have going? DOOR! "my pin, my pin, oh my god my pin might be loose!" Manly men Inc. ...

PEP TALKING the Newbies/ save a nickle. 0~;)
Spend your money on jump tickets, support your local DZ not tramps like Jerry who don't want to pay their own way, At certain steps in your career Video will help. People can tell yo what yo...

Pep talking a pin fear tramp #2/ Now new designation "CHUMP JUMPER"
Damn it posted before I was finished with my thoughts! Lets see where was I at? Nothing but a transient DZ bum, no loyalty to any one DZ------You expect to be taken seriously? Yea...

pep talking a pin fear tramp
And another thing Jerry-Get a coaching or JM endorcement, right now you are nothing but a Tramp with a camera, not good enough to be staff so youre just a Transiet DZ bum.

A letter to the Pin Fear Poster Girl----> Jerry
Well lets hope you are following my advice on pin checks #1 check it before putting on your rig. #2 Since you are a nervous Nelly, have it checked again BEFORE boarding! and quit ...

Anyone actually jumping???
Does anyone here actually jump out of airplanes just because the door was open???? I mean, I do...... and I like it..... I actually get kind of a rush out of it and I find it ...

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