Extreeme skydiving
You have probably seen this but this you tube video is immense. http://tiddlyurl.com/?nclrjt

A Patriotic jump over the Artic
http://web.newsguy.com/floyd_davidson/jump/index.html -- Peter Lucas Brisbane Australia 'Enjoy today, it was paid for by a veteran' http://...

Time's a gettin short Jimmy (swabo)
Time for me to take that little business trip Jimmy. If you want to tell anymore sea stories to your old pen pal, now's the time. I'll check back in around December or so, so have fun....

Looking for parafoil 282
Looking for a parafoil 282 BS, Michael please contact: info@get-vertigo.com www.get-vertigo.com

Drop Zone
Hey nut man, I missed you at skydive city.

Why is it? when RLK post, idiot cross posters follow
It seems that when ever Rhonda Lea post, the wreck is inundated with blithering idiot cross posters?

Skydiver charged with murder after love rival fell 13,000ft to her death
David Charter and Rory Watson in Brussels Victim's headcam filmed her death ...Parachute looked sabotaged, say police A married woman who was having an affair with a fellow skydi...

Johnny Gates stories.
Anybody know Johnny off the dz? I posted a little story earlier but I know this forum is a little quiet as of late. I'd love to hear from some folks from the Convention. What a nice guy. ...

3 minute management course for Jimmy
>THREE MINUTE MANAGEMENT COURSE >Lesson 1 > >A man is getting into the shower just as his wife is finishing up her >shower, when the doorbell rings. The wife quickly...

RE: A Different Kind of War Story------------No Morphine before dying Jimmy
Whatever Jimmy. You better stick to getting boned by Jerry and Big Jim. It's a little brutal on this side. A fiction by Orange Jumpsuited Chuck. Thau Thien Provence, vicini...

Johnny Gates
Blue Skies Johnny!

World Family Sorrow.
The absolute greatest skydiver, that ever walked this Universe, has passed to the other side.,, ,, . .., - MUFF MUFF MUFF

cliff heller
hello i just want to inform you all who were communicating with my brother cliff heller, that he died dec. 30 in a skydiving accident in eloy, arizona. details can be found on dz.com. o...

A Day in the Life
The sweltering heat in this section of deciduous jungle was beginning to have it's effect on the six commandos, who lay in wait for their prey. This would be the ambush that would net them t...

For sale: RAF aircrew gravity knife for CRW/CF
RAF aircrew gravity type survival knife. The knife of choice for Canopy Formation (CF CRW) jumpers worldwide. These are getting very hard to find! If you're planning serious CRW, you need on...

The name Cinderella fits Jimmy so well, it is so ordained, hence forth let him be known as such
Oh Cinderella Smith, come forth and claim your title, after all, you own it:) A little advice, don't take up base jumping Cinderella. You mind if I just call you Cindy?

skygod wannabe's here after know as mutts that I own! ;->
#1 Jerry #2 Chuck #3 Biggy Jim and maybe Jimbo, hard to tell~he's either on prozac or shows a mighty restraint. nanny nanny poo poo 0~;)P

Trio arrested for parachuting off New River Bridge
Trio arrested for allegedly parachuting off bridge Michelle James Register-Herald Reporter Three people are expected to be arraigned before a federal magistrate today ...

Redirect from back woods devil-humping skygod threads... Noob alert.
I'm new, just got my A card... I like Jell-O Pudding Snack Packs and finger painting. AJ - Raeford DZ

Indoor Skydiving in Australia???
Anyone know of any places in OZ??? TIA

Looking for Johan Durant aka splinter
Trying to get a hold of South African Johan. Anybody sees him, pass on my email. Tell him its from Brightness. BSBD

FAA rebuffs sky divers' deal with DeLand control tower
<http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/volusia/orl-vskydive0507jan05,0,2191734.story?coll=orl-news-headlines-volusia> excerpt: The Federal Aviation Administration...

The boundaries keep getting wider and wider!!
Pretty soon we won't need planes :-) http://www.jet-man.com/actuel.html -- Peter Lucas Brisbane Australia 'Enjoy today, it was ...

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