Cutaway - Experience of Flown Lives
Cutaway - Experience of Flown Lives In the beginning of the year I had a malfunction, which, despite the fright, contributed a lot to enrich the experience of someone who pr...

Have a nice time tonight. Don't get too drunk and end up doing something silly Bry

Complete rig for sale, $1,400
All pictures and details are at: Javelin container-J5,Black container with grey and red,Cypres ready,leg throw DOM-June 1990 SN-1056 Part#1...

P206 For Sale
1966 Cessna P206A-0289, TTAF 9760, I-O-520A5B 285HP TSMOH 1800, 500 STOH, 3 bladed McCauley 80 since OH, compression all 70s, Fresh Annual, IFR, GPS, new starter & alternator, higher gross w...

P206s For Sale
1965 CESSNA P206-0100, TTAF 6400, 800 since factory new I-O-550F, 300 HP, 800 since 3-blade Hartzell OH, fresh annual, FAA approved skydive config, 6 pax, new windshield & some new gla...

CESSNA 182 SUPER SKYLANE for sale (?!)
Hello, our german parachuting-club is looking for a Cessna 182 Super Skylane (300+hp). Thank you for any tips and offers! please send email:

new World Record ratified
FAI has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) record : =========================================================== Claim number : 11814 Sub-class G-2 (Group jumps) Competiti...

FS: Atom Millenium / Springo 140 / Techno 128 / Cypres
Atom Millenium / Springo 140 / Techno 128 / Cypres ____________________________________________________________ Atom Millenium 180cm/85kg Royal blue / Red 390 Jumps ...

Full coverage
I am just a novice, two jumps, tandem, and an AFF. But, on both of these jumps I wore a half helmet. You can bet your bottom boots that on my 3rd jump, I will be wearing a full coverage, j...

Too cold
Just out of curiosity, what is too cold for you to jump in? What temp do you stay on the ground? -- Skydivers don't knock on death's door; they ring the bell and run away...

Camera helmet and mini DV for sale
I can't remember if I posted this for sale here or not. I have a Ebay listing for it -Full Face Helmet -Sony DCR-PC1 camera -Cam Eye II

Flying a broomstick for real
You probably have all seen this video. Click on the link under rocket bird. It should be possible to do the s...

Lodi jumpers....... Pinging Robin King
I've lost touch with Robin since she left Stanford Uni. If anyone knows her, or is in touch with her, please let her know that Peter is looking for her, and wants to know how Kenny is ...

Mick the Pommy packer from Perris........ and you bloody Dutch bastards as well!!
He with the the red and black gear.......... I want to get in touch again. You from LA............ and Marco (KLM Pilot) from Teuge........... http://home.p...

I'm doing the best i can over here. I've you in florida, jack in florida, bozo in elvis land, Jerry and too many other peopple from texas,,Where is air ann from texas? ,,where did MOM go...

JUST in case yall navey sissy's think we have forgotten 4 in a row... Kiss my Southern white ----------- I'm still pissed about dat game.

Camera helmet & mini DV camera for sale
Complete skydiving helmet, Sony mini DV camera and Cam Eye II for sale. Posted on ebay

Use this great program to help pay for your jumps
this program has been paying out good might sound to good to be true but you can try for just 6 dollars.

OT: Wanted: Doug Wolf
Ok, I've proven myself crazy via the subject line. In any case, if anyone has recent contact information for Doug, please send it to me via my heavilly spammed e-mail address jmic...

Camera Helmet & Sony Mini DV camera for sale
I have a listing on Ebay for: Sidewinder-2 full face camera helmet, large. Based on Sky Systems Oxygn A3 flip up visor design. Sony DCR-PC1 mini DV camera. Inclu...

Best Tequila
For the people that know me. They know I may not know crap about skydiving, ,, BUT NOBODY will argue my taste in "Goats or Tequila". ---- I"m selling this tequila. Its dat good.

BPA Council Elections
Hi everybody, Hopefully you'll all now have your December Skydive Mag and would've found the Council election forms in the pack, I would just like to say..... "Please Vote for Me!...

Gear Questions
Hey Everyone, I recently did my first tandem jump and plan on getting my license this coming season. I can't stop thinking about my jump. I watch my video over and over, I resear...

Woo Hoo!
Nothing better than a lot of snow when you can't go skydiving! I CAN say Arctic Cat 700! -Messy

Bill Ottley
Bill passed away at 6:24 a.m. this morning.

new World Record ratified
FAI has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) record : ===================================================== Claim number : 11960 Sub-class G-1 (Individual jumps) Perfo...

Are you there? -- Blue Skies, Jack

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