For Ron Schott...
... the (faux) Christian war monger ;

The things that Snuffy does not think you should own or use...
Fire Extinguishers: Since everyone should know how to dial 911, why would you need one to handle a simple kitchen fire. Seat belts: No one ever crashed and survived. This go...

Mr. Spurgeon; the Truth has shown up
So tell us Mike, are you willing to admit you were wrong and that those Bush lies you believed and supported have cost American lives? Here is a history primer: http://www.kaic...

FA: PD253 Seven Cell Main Canopy
Performance Designs 7 Cell PD253 Main Canopy in good condition. On Ebay. &ssPageName=STRK:MESSE:IT

Tandem using handheld video?
I know DZ's are doing this, my question is; Are they charging the same as if a camera flyer went on the dive, how good is the quality?? Larry D-16806

Watch out, doom virus detected in my system. The virus had the address

Finger in the eye of "The Prognosticator"
I can't stand it...Kerry in a flap just like Clinton. Watch him implode. LOTS, you still think Kerry will get the nomination now? Only time will tell....lmfao I cannot wait unti...

How Rec.skydiving works
A lesson in Posting: How many group posters does it take to change a light bulb? 1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been...

Hey Cypress Natzi's/Mr. Evil's shooting holes in your arguements
Found some interesting information on worldwide skydiving deaths from 1999 Percentage of fatalities that might have been advoided by use of AAD------38% Fatalities due to failure...

Buda-kai wisdom for the day
~Ease destroys bravery, trouble builds strength~

220 Precision Log Books for $400
We have 220 black precision log books available for $400 plus shipping. That's a $1.81 ea for log books that retail for $7.00 each. They have embossed in silver letters on th...

looking for pilot rigs
Greetings, I'm looking for several special pilot rigs, specifically a military surplus seat pack called an SA-20. Good for higher speed openings. I need the bottle and F-1B too....

~Ain't got hustle, he's faking the good guy shit~ WHERE ARE YOUR SCS/SCR REPORTS lazybi...

PAY YOUR TAX'S if you're making enuff skydiving to report them thats is heh heh o~;-...

It took a few more years...
than I expected, but my shoulder is finally solid again after three surgeries and the corresponding drops in jumping. On Sunday, I made a hop & pop to finally get a 4th digit in my jump num...

LEAP DAY at Skydive Lost Prairie: Out the door in '04
Here it comes, February 29th! And, it's a Sunday too. We are planning a full day of jumping at Skydive Lost Prairie to take advantage of the special day. Hope you can too. ----...

*****New Gear Bag For Sale*****

Ten dollar DVD (2 shipping) Cool stuff. RW

Hey Jimbo, Hey Jazz, Hey Walther...
Still questioning my powers of prognostication? >You gotta be fucking kidding . geezus, Don- Jim D-10154 >Iowa isnt the national election Don. -Jim Sorry,...

Hey Mike Spurgeon
You can't avoid this forever. Are you willing to stand up and admit you were wrong? " Try this, Don... When the reports come out of what we find in Iraq, come back and admi...

Lost Prairie Montana 20 Acres for Sale
Keep the land in the skydiving community. Skydive Lost Prairie, Montana 20-acre prime land meadow/wooded. Split 2 ten acre parcels. Well, power access and underground cable. $100,000K. 20% ...

Awwwwwwwk ya lieing little USPA peckerwoods
I just went over to USPA org. and looked at the newist version of the bsr's... HOOK TURNING IS NOT ADDRESSED the old Philosopher sez Go to the dz to...

sissyboys like Ricky/J & Jer/K
~Killed the S/L program~ the old Philosopher sez Go to the dz to learn but choose your dz carfefully look for professionalism, if...

used student gear
I'm looking for good used student gear, S/L convertable to FF, 3 - 6 rigs. Please email me at Thanks!

C-182 lease
I'm looking for a C182 for lease possibly a lease to own for the 2004 skydiving season. Please email me at Thanks!

The day they killed static line :(
Sung to the tune of ~The night they drove old Dixie down~ 1st line final verse "RickySkydiver was a teaching Level one class's IDIOTS him..........

Stats rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 08:18:36 GMT Stats Beg...

Anybody else
......skydive this weekend ? I know we can rule the loudmouth out. Jim D-10154 Man small... why fall ? Skies call... thats all.

Valentine's Day specials at Raeford, NC ($14.00 jumps and more)
To All, On Feb 14, Raeford DZ will be hosting $14.00 jumps from their kick-ass super otter. Also, Randy Kern (formerly a US Champion Golden Knight and pilot for Freefall Express) wil...

Honey, I'm Home!
whew - what a trip! in a nutshell it was the travel trip (both ways) from hell with a fairy tale World Record thrown into it. Kudos to all! Especially Bobbie Worth and ...

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