How to start skydiving
I live in the Peterborough area in Ontario and am interested in getting into skydiving. Just wondering... where is the closest place I can go to get into it? I would appreciate your help a...

Lost Prairie Montana 20 Acres for Sale
Skydive Lost Prairie, Montana 20-acre prime land meadow/wooded. Split 2 ten acre parcels. Well, power access and underground cable. $100,000K. 20% down, will carry through Escrow Co. $85K C...

Base Pantz Wanted
Wanted - Base Pantz for trip to Norway. I am 6'2, 175 pounds. Willing to purchase or rent them. Call me at (601) 984-5500 or email. thanks.

Dammit !
This NG has actually been enjoyable for the last month or so. Now the loudmouth sumbitch is back. FUCK ! Jim D-10154 Man small... why fall ? Skies call... thats all.

This is a test, why are looking at it?

Online Petition for Dos Gatos @ World Meet
Due to unforseen circumstances and injury, Dos Gatos, the freestyle team of Missy Nelson and Bill Hughes, was unable to compete in the 2003 US Nationals which could prevent them from joining...

Please Help Back Issues of Parachutist Needed
I need back issues of Parachutist which contain the Pre-Election "Bios" for the Regional and National Directors starting in 1987 until today. I believe that the Bios came out in the Novembe...

Remember Jerry Dink
If you wish to be a truely great skydiver ~you must do good unto evil~ Take an example from Hoffa but give up your'e slot ...

The other rig up for auction.

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› Mery Rose's Chocolate Party! Dear All :>) I am taking this opportunity to invite you to participate on my "CHOCOLATE PARTY!". I am celebrating my 30...

Cessna 182 for lease
Looking to start a drop zone. 1961 Cessna 182 jump plane entertaining work for 2004 season. Contact

Rigs up for auction....

Complete Rig For Sale

Stolen rig / canopies?
I found this on Ebay.. seems like an awful nice rig to be sold in this manner.. there is a canopy I will post next.

Go all yea and know the truth Kevin O'Connell

OT Weird Stuff
Want to make some money selling things of little or no value? Apparently it's possible:

The codes don't lie imary_rdp&cid=536&ncid=536 Still questioning my powers of prognostication? From: JimBo (sb...

USPA Prompts Virginia Liability Action (01/22/04)
(from the USPA web site) At USPA’s urging, a bill has been introduced to the Virginia General Assembly that would limit the liability of drop zones and their sta...

Operators Manual
Does anyone have an operators Manual for a Justra Stratos Excel<<< Thanks in advance Dave

Thailand updates?
Is there a website or anything that will be posting updates on the blots?

Is this a demo
If I use a private plane, C172, Cub,rented or not, on a private non uspa airport, and don't get paid or charge anyone. However there may be people on the airport who see me land. Is this a d...

Spewing chunks about the USPA
I was gonna , but, AWWW fuckit.....!

Orly King
Does anyone have a telephone number for Orly King?

Awesome deal on used gear!!!
P.D. Sabre 135, mfd 1997, 350-400 jumps, new lines, comes w/ new collapsible pilot chute, $400.00 P.D. Sabre 120, less than 200 jumps, mfd 1999, w/ new collapsible pilot chute, $...

Orly King
Anybody know how to get in touch with Orly King?

Stats rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 08:07:23 GMT Stats Beg...

Knowledge is not achieved until shared.
Just a reminder that, Knowledge is not achieved until shared. The Communication Imperative Learning skydiving by your self takes a long time and costs a lot of money. More importa...

New Email Address -- Marc W. Garber
After 7+ years, I'm ditching AOL. My new email address is: Blue Skies, Marc

Australia DZs
Hi, Looking for recommendations of DZs along the east coast area of Australia that welcome fun jumpers and aren't just tandem mills. Great scenery, bunkhouse or camping area a plu...

The Jet
People have surely been disappointed the last several years at the WFFC when "The Jet" (a Boeing 727) has failed to show for any number of reasons, usually insurance related.. Perris V...

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