11 Apr 2005 20:35:42
(OT) can you believe this shit>?

Micky D's Making Major Marketing Move?
by K. Sose, special to the NMT
St. Louis, Illinois

In an astonishing development, industry rumors hint that McDonald's
Corporation is planning a surprise marketing move in celebrating its
Fiftieth Anniversary, with an audacious deal that is sure to generate no
small amount of controversy.

Inside sources for McDonald's Corporation--internationally recognized as
symbolic of all things "American"--have confirmed the agreement between the
City Council of St. Louis and McDonald's Corporation to not only anodize the
city's trademark "Gateway Arch" in a bright gold color, but to also change
the official name of the Arch to "McDonald's Gateway to the West," according
to these sources.

St. Louis city officials have not responded to inquiries about this rumor,
but one source close to the City Council, who refused to be named, said,
"Yeah, it's sad but true. Hard times, man. [The City Council] deliberated
about this for a few days, and nobody really wanted to resort to this, but
they're in a real spot, financially, and McDonald's offered them a deal that
was almost impossible to refuse."

Both parties are--understandably--keeping quiet about this proposal, but it
is clear that something is in the works here, that definitely involves the
Gateway Arch and McDonald's.

Mark Jameson, advertising pundit and columnist for the industry-renowned
trade journal Fast Food Times, would only say, when contacted, "This is news
to me, but I would not be one bit surprised, the way these landmarks and
their names are being sold out left and right for the advertising revenue."

12 Apr 2005 18:18:44
Tiedye Keith
Re: (OT) can you believe this shit>?

Sounds like a mighty fine Arch to swoop through....!

Peace & love,
Tiedye Keith