New online social network for snowboarders
Hi All, is a online social network and blog for snowboarders and people who enjoy a variety of other "extreme" outdoor sports. We figure most people who like snowb...

Awesome Deals
Get your snowboard, you skis, and all the accesories you need, at one very low price. has it all. Check out the sweet daily deals located at http://www.sierra...

Little Kid Snowboarding in Colorado
Where in Colorado can a 3 year old kid snowboard? Probably in or near Summit County. I was just told that kid's need to be 5 years old to snowboard in Colorado (or maybe at some resorts). ...

used burton canyon
I have been looking for a used burton canyon snowboard between 161 and 163. An older model in good shape is fine. I am a novice and only get out once or twice a year so obviously I am lookin...

Burton Supermodel X a good choice?
Hi, I found a demo board of the Burton Supermodel X for a good price. Is that a good board for carving and other all-mountain use? -- Bas.

Experience with Wed'ze boards
Hi, I'm looking for a stiffer, more carving oriented board than my current Nitro Magnum. Now I was looking at the options. Now I stumbled upon the snowboard brand Wed'ze. ...

Board Opinion
Hey now, Hello from foggy but snowy Vermont! Just had the first few days out this season and it was quite enjoyable - we actually have snow this year in December (unlike last ye...

Polarized Snowboard Goggles
Hello, I need a new pair of snowboard goggles. Bright days - things are pretty good, however cloudy or flat light situations sort of suck with my $29.99 Smith goggles with t...

burton's "twin-like" vs "directional twin"
I know in the grand scheme of things this really doesn't matter....but its bugging me I can wrap my head around true twin & directional. I can get my head around the idea of a dir...

North seattle snowboard tune-up shop
Can anyone in Seattle suggest a good place in north Seattle? Bob

taos changes
I'm surprised there hasn't been much usenet buzz about this. Email from the Taos Ski Valley managers: > Dear Friend , > > After much contemplation Taos Ski Va...

Recommendations for inexpensive gloves?
I'm looking for a good pair of $20 gloves for skiing in the northeast. I need to keep the price low because I have a penchant for losing them and I don't feel so bad when they are only $20. ...

Toxic Ski and snowboard wax polluting groundwater???
Has anyone ever thought about this, It does not seem like there would be a lot, but I suppose any amount might matter? Read this press release, it kind of makes you think. http://...

Sierra Snowboard 15% off/ Breast Cancer donation
Go to to get 15% off all 2008 stuff PLUS free shipping PLUS a portion of sales will be donated to breast cancer research. Do a good thing, get some cheap gear, buy some 2...

Little Kids Snowboards?
Where can I learn more about boards for little kids. A 40 pound (18kg) 3 and 1/2 year old has out grown (skill wise) his department store plastic board. The ski area requires metal edges a...

Problem mounting Ride bindings on Burton board
I just got a used Burton Canyon. Trying to mount my Ride SPi bindings on it, I discovered that the hole spacing is not compatable with the holes on the Ride bindings. The Ride board has tw...

see or ebay item 150188916921

snowboard in holland
Hi I Want to go in December to Holland, I would like to know if there is Ski resort there , that can teach snowboarding .. ? thanks O

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