Rad-Air good for an intermediate beginner?
Hi, I'm currently in a position where I can get the current Rad-Air Worldwide (http://www.rad-air.com/index.php? option=com_content&task=view&id=5&Itemid=10) board for a very good...

Update: turnstyle board
In October I was thinking about buying a turnstyle balance board on ebay, and posted here asking about it. We had a discussion that led to talk of longboard skateboards, and the ...

Determining Whether Right Footed or Goofy Footed
Hi, I just purchased a board for my daughter and the rep at the store had determined that she was right footed. My daughter told me that she was pushed from behind by the rep and her right ...

Interesting article on ski resorts, global warming, and environmentalism
An article in the online magazine Salon discusses the ski industry's response to global warming and other environmental challenges. Here are two interesting excerpts: "Global warm...

Getting out of flow bindings
I have a pair of '05 Flow bindings and I experience a problem when trying to remove my boot from them. The highback just doesn't want to stay down low enough once I release it so my heel ca...

Telling time on the slopes
Department of trivialities: Those of you who like to keep track of the time when you're on the slopes -- how do you do it? I can't wear a wristwatch because I wear long gloves with wrist pro...

Dallas Snowboarders
If your in North Texas, this might interest you. I found a small forum run by a couple of snowboarders. http://dallassnowboarders.com/

I want a do it all kind of...
freeride board for soft boots that can and will be used for riding it all (carving, steep, speed, deep dumps, and the occasional forray amongst the trees) which of these three would you rec...

How Young can a snowboarder be?
I've been riding for a while, and have recently had my first kid - a wonderful little daughter. I want to get her started as young as possible in the sport, so that we can go as a family (my...

Salomon Relay XLT Bindings - perception and sizing
I am posting this in the hopes someone might find it helpful. I recently purchased some of Salomon's Relay bindings, the XLT versions. The sizing on these seems designed to work well w...

Tree & powder board
I'm thinking I might get one of these, after a short play on a mate's Fish last year. What else is out there that follows the same design concepts? - Dave. -- The on...

Softgear reviews?
I'm in the market for a new jacket, and have been eyeballing the Audex-accessorized Burton jackets, as I am a technophile junky. However, after several Gewgle searches, I am not able t...

Mountain boarding DVD
Hi, At the absolutely huge risk of coming across like a spam artist, I just thought I'd post here to let you all know about a DVD my new company has just produced about the spor...

Base depth?
Does anyone know how they measure the base depth on ski hills? I assume there is some kind of method to this?

For Sale: AIRWALK ADVANTAGE MEN'S SNOWBOARD BOOTS: BRAND NEW SIZE 10! (spam) This item is brand new, never used, ready to go boarding. High-quality and good-looking boots at...

Prior Khyber as my main board
I searched the forum and found some good information but I'm still a bit undecided, heres my deal. This is my 2nd season of riding alot, prior to that id just ride a few times a y...

Seeking 12yr Old Beginner Snowboarding Equipment Recommendations and Advices
Greetings, My 12 yr old daughter wishes to start snowboarding and I have signed her up for a 5 week beginner course at a local ski hill. What I wish to find out is what woul...

control with the back leg?
Hello group, I hope your new year is going well everybody... I'm new to this group, and to snowboarding. I just spent the weekend at Boyne Mountain in Michigan where I snowb...

Handling easy but narrow runs
Hi all. This is my first post to rec.skiing.snowboard. Although I had skied before, last year I tried snowboarding for the first time and loved it. I didn't get lessons, just figu...

Hammer PSM II vs Option Mirror
Hello there, guys! I'm writing to ask for your opinions about these snowboards. Which would be better for fs rather in parks than on rails. I do jib sometimes, but for sure it is ...

Buy my bonfire jacket!

Amtrak Board Handling
A groups of us are planning a week at Winter Park traveling Amtrak. I was wonder if anyone has had any problems with Amtrak and their boards.

Mack Dawgs Game Show
I recently saw this dvd and heard a song i hadn't heard in a long time. It was one of the first 5 songs i would guess. Does anyone know the soundtrack to the this dvd? Thanks. ...

Heavenly Skiing and Lake Tahoe Condo Rental
*** Lake Tahoe Condo For Rent*** Prime ski location, 1 week in Lake Tahoe in a 1 bedroom condo with full kitchen and living room. The lodge is located right on the lake. <...

Oakley A-Frame Replacement technique
I'd just like to know before undertaking the task. Usually it makes it easier and then I won't have to break the current lens that's on it, hehe. Thanks all.

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