Big air at the Leap
Riding Lover's Leap (5 miles west of Sierra at Tahoe, on highway 50):

searching for boarder cross videos
Hi I'm searching for boarder cross races on DVD; where 4 or 6 boarders are going down the slope. Can anyone help me to get such footage? I need very many races. Thanks Wolfga...

south america?
I guess the season is over and nobody has anything to say or do they? Any recomondations in south america? ,how much a day would it cost to board in chilli or??and where do i go?grg. <...

Help selecting a higher end board
I demo'd a Burton CustomX this season and really liked it (I had been riding cheap boards the past 5 years) and wanted to see what people thought about other boards that seem like they're in...

tough question for a beginner...
How wide should my bindings be set? (I'm not sure if my sentence is correct but I think it's understandable - 4give me - I'm a foreigner) The only thing I know is that it depends on the wid...

Recommend rental shops in Reno?
Any suggestions for a good snowboard rental shop in Reno? We're hitting the slopes Monday morning. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And thanks again to everybody who suggested pl...

Good tahoe resort for windy days (e.g. tomorrow)?
>From the National Weather Service forcast for the Tahoe Basin: Saturday...Windy. Numerous snow showers. Highs 49 to 59. Southwest winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 45 mph. Gusts to 10...

I need suggestion with a new board - maybe the gnu carbon high bean? ride decade? burton twin? Please help
Hey, I saw you had a message praising the gnu CHB board on the gnu group. I am thinking about buying that board. I found one for $160 and I was thinking about getting one to imrpove my ...

Don't show this to your skier buddies...
Just saw this while "snurfin" the web...will have to see if it comes true. I doubt it. The Mobile Guide: Skiers Beware Riders of the Apocalyp...

Shrink Wrapping board for storage
I got my hands on a roll of shrink wrap that my snowboard fits in. We live in an area that has major salt in the air so the edges on our boards get rusty between seasons. Does ...

Please suggest mid-April Tahoe resorts
Hi- My wife and I are going to be able to get away for a quick (third this season :-) snowboard trip to Tahoe next week. I don't know the area that well. This year's previous trip...

Soy wax.
More sustainable snowboarding,SOY WAX! petrochemical based wax ends up in our groundwater,soy wax is 100 percent biodegradable and has a slightly smaller molecular weight than paraffin ...

Snowboard Step-in, Strap-in and Flow Bindings Review
I was looking to buy my own snowboard. After visiting several stores and saw a dazzling array of snowboards, bindings and boots, I still wasn't sure which bindings and boots to buy. Having...

3 Mammoth Patrollers lost
"Three members of the Mammoth Mountain ski patrol were killed when a snow collapse plunged two into a volcanic gas vent on the 11,053-foot peak in the Eastern Sierra and others tried to resc...

summer scalp protection
In summer on a high altitudes sun is a bit stronger, so it's warm and you need protection for scalp. What do you wear for a spring/summer boarding? d'amir -- <...

Gearing up with the Glycemic Index: Using the GI to enhance athletic performance
Hello everyone and sports fans, In 2004, SportMedBC partnered with USANA Health Sciences to create the Total Sport Nutrition program (TSN). This program is the first-of-its kind to approa...

Footage from a Helmet-Camera + or triggering an avalanche
Really cool footage from a guy with a Helmet-Camera skiing, or triggering an avalanche. Cool stuff ... Greetings from Hans N.

Hey old timers looks like you've become americas newest demographic.

Biiiig question!!
What, in your opinion, is a reasonable price for a new pair of Drake GT 2004/05 bindings??

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