Board Upgrade???
Hi, I am an intermediate (male, 5 10', 75kg) based in europe. I am looking to upgrade from my GNU Carbon High Beam 156. I am mostly a freeride kinda guy and don't go into the park...

snowboard bag
Where in Canada can I get a snowboard bag that's FULLY PADDED ALL AROUND (top, bottom, sides) for a decent price? Seems like local stores are a rip. I looked on ebay but almost all

Snowboard FAQ
Just a reminder of where to find the group's FAQ. - Dave. -- The only powder to get high on, falls from the sky. - S...

board advice (oh not another one) / buying donek in the uk
very much a newbie to boarding - one week on the snow so far - and looking to get a new board. i'm a fat b*st with size 10 walkers (12 us). currently using a burton air 160 but it's dea...

Same weather pattern as last year. Hurricanes in the Southeastern US and cool temperatures in the Western US. We'll be on snow by November!

Over 40 boarders getting anxious?
Hey how many over 40 boarders like myself are going nuts for fresh snow about now? Chuck

Anyone with any NZ experience here?
The gods have rolled the dice on my life recently, and I find myself with a couple of spare weeks at the beginning of October before I start a new job, and some money I didn't expect to have...

$99 Mont. St.Marie Season Pass
Mont Ste Marie offers a $99 season ticket deal for 2005/06 ski season, if bought by one person representing a group of 4 persons. This pass is good on weekdays only. Each person ...

Freeride board recommendations
Not sure how active this group is, but I'll give it a go. I'm looking for a new board for this season and there's so much out there I don't know where to start. I'm and indermediate bo...

D'Isere/Thorens over Xmas??
Hi all, Ok, so season is getting closer - wicked! :) Quick question if anyone has an opinion - looking at doing Xmas weekend again this year. Last year we went to Chamonix a...

Snowboard FAQ
If you are new to this group, then please take a look at the group's FAQ. It's brimming (sorta) with information. - Dave. -- The only powder to get...

Never skied before but need equipment advice
Hi, I live in a skiing mecca but haven't skied yet. Which is better snowboarding, alpine skiing, or Randonee/Telemark? I'm definately a beginner, but anyone who knows me knows tha...

For Sale Kask beanie / Bonnets Kask
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Saint Sorlin =?ISO-8859-1?Q?d=B4Arves_-_Your_Opinion=3F?=
Hello Guys, Yesterday I booked a stay in Saint Sorlin dŽArves . We will be there the week before Christmas. What do you think about the Resort, the slopes and most important: the...

Butone Audex Jacket
Spoke with Burton today. While the entire 06 line should be available for purchase, it looks like the Audex jacket will not be available until December.

How to?
Does anyone know of any web sites that show how to maintain a board? IE install bindings, sharpen edges, wax, etc? Also where can the tools for maintaining boards be found? Any onli...

Killington, VT Advice
I'm going to Killington, VT in December for the first time. Which is the best hotel to stay at close to the ski lifts that is under $200 a night that can fit six people nicely??? Also, d...

Alpe d'Huez - your opinions?
Hi all Anyone got any feelings - good, bad, indifferent? Cheers Andy

New Guy
Hi Guys, I am a beginner and just bought my first board - a Morrow Lithium 159. Also ordered a pair of Flow FL55 bindings. Any comments on this equipment? Salesman said Morr... & and are now online. Click on either of these links to see the site: http://SwissSkiReport.c...

How's it going? Newbie here?
Getting all new gear here soon. Can't wait to buy all my stuff! An suggestions on what kind of gear to get for a new guy --

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