Re: Donek boards?
Kevin Morrison wrote: > Rick, > > We have 6 boards that will work great for what you want to do. All have a > waist of 25.5 or above. From softest to stiffe...

FS: Women's M The North Face Denali Fleece Jacket $79

Donek boards?
Anyone own a Donek board? I'm thinking about picking up a 161 wide to replace my Joyride 165. I'm a freeride fanatic, haven't been to the park or pipe, but I might try it this year. I'm t...

Snowboard Cleaning
Ok, so I decided it was time to clean my board for the first time (Im a regular at Tamworth snowdome in the Uk and my board is filthy from the dirty snow there, apparently the grooming tract...

Binding hole Needs Tapping
Hi All, just bought a new board and 1 of the binding holes I use needs tapping. Anybody know which size tap I need to sort it? cheers Ben

Austria Skitour
Any ideas for a skitour in Austria ? (first week of december) thanks Nico

Anybody have piccys of newseason Nitro boards?
Anybody have piccys of newseason Nitro boards? I dont know whether to carry on chasin an 03/04 model or wait for the new ones.....struggling anyway but if anybody has any piccys of th...

What's with this Simps garbage?
Does this site not have a moderator anymore? Why is there a ton of spam crud all over rec.skiing.snowboard?

Burton to aquire Forum, Jeenyus, Foursquare and Special Blend
Read it at:,13009,664411,00.html Anyone remember when Burton was the evil empire? It was before all the ski companies...

Current 2004-05 Snowboard Companies
Would anyone happen to know how many snowboard companies are currently in business making snowboards, and what their names were? As an avid local snowboarder I know most of the "top-name" co...

Unwanted present - Snowboarding at Tamworth Red Letter Day......
For sale on Ebay, please look at if you are interested. You could get a bargain on a full all costs covered snowboa...

Second Board (Nitro Shadow?)
Hi all, Im looking at getting my second board, Ive narrowed it down to 2 I think... Nitro Shadow and Burton Dominator , leaning more to the nitro board... Im obviousl...

This is a test

New binding holes
Good day! I have an old Santa Cruz snowboard which uses equally outdated bindings on them. I picked up a set of bindings on ebay a while back which have the adjusting disks on the base of th...

hey now, I took some video of the Mt. Ellen area at Sugarbush when I was up hiking in mid May. Just got around to editing it and I've uploaded it as a real media video. Its 7 m...

Anyone seen pictures of new 2004-2005 boards?
Any company's websites have new boards on them yet? The Gnu website has a picture of Danny Kass at Superpark and it looks like a new graphic on his base.

What's a Splitboard?
Man a splitboard is the perfect tool for any boarder who truely wants to trek out into the back country. The split part of the board is only ised for the sole purpose of getting somewhere....

The Snowboard FAQ
The official FAQ for this newsgroup (news:rec.skiing.snowboard) can be found at It was last updated on 31 January 2004 with a number of updates. The curr...

Is there a site that lists ALL known tricks?
Hi everyone, I've been boarding forever and I think I may have invented a (rather modest) trick. Is there a site to look up whether it has been described before? Or would rec.skiing.sno...

Flow Bindings
Hi All, whats everyones impression of these bindings? Also Im looking at getting a Nitro board, anybody say if they are any good or not? cheers ...

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