22 Aug 2003 02:28:40
Your help needed for Snowboard research


I am doing a PhD in Snowboarding and I need your help.
My PhD is all about why people snowboard, and what they get out of it.

Would you please do two things

1) Take a few minutes to fill in your answers to the questions. Give
me as
much detail as you can as I need more than just yes/no answers. You
may find you learn something about your own attitudes to the sport we

Email your answers to me at snowboard.research@uce.ac.uk -*Not the
adress that you received this email from*

You might like to share your answers with your friends as well - but
please do this after everyone has filled in the questions - so you
don't affect each others answers

2) Pass this email on to everyone you know who rides

By doing both these you will be making a significant contribution to
development of our sport, and you will be involved in one of the first
PhDs in Snowboarding.

Thank you

Neil Elliot
University of Central England, Birmingham, UK


The questions

Your name -
Your age -
Your gender -
Your home town/city -
Your home/favourite place to ride -

How did you get into snowboarding?

What have been your best and worst experiences?

How has snowboarding affected your life?

What do you get out of snowboarding?

Does snowboarding have any kind of spiritual dimension for you?

What significance does each of the following have for you in your

1) Fear/Risk

2) Escape from everyday life

3) Sensation of freedom

4) A feeling of rhythm/ flow

5) Playing in a mountainous playground

6) Being part of a community/culture

7) A lifestyle

8)Awareness of nature

9) Feeling at one with nature or yourself

10) Loosing a focus on yourself/ Transcendence/ out of body

11) A sense of meaning or purpose in life

What does the term 'soulriding' mean to you?

What, if any, religious beliefs and experiences do you have?

Thank you very much for taking the time to help with this research

Plesae send your answers to me at