20 Sep 2003 10:02:49
MDP's Gameshow Video

Well, I bought my first video of the season yesterday, Game Show, which is
a compilation of of contests from last season. Contests include the US
Open, Red Bull Heavy Metal and the Arctic Challenge.
Good quality footage (as expected) from Mack Dawg but it didn't really get
me pumped up to ride. Not that I could do anything about it as it was
+14Cdegrees and raining.
It ismade up of going contest to contest with mostly just the same few hits
being attacked over and over. Some outstanding riders include Simon
Chamberlin, Shaun White, Danny Kass and Daniel Frank. Lots of bad bails on
the night time rail. It's nice to see the Capita guys dressed up for the
The video makes no real attempt to tell you who placed where in the contests
(exept the Nixon Jib-Fest).
Speaking of the Nixon invitational, if you went ape-s#!t last year for the
Nixon Jib-Fest then you will probably think this vid is off the hook. If
you prefer a more traditional video with rider parts and a whole bunch of
different terrain then this vid may not be for you.
I might also suggest that if you are going to pick up Game Show buy the VHS.
The only extra footage is a PSA about the "orange pill" which will be used
in some ski areas to identify freestyle terrain and a 2 minutes of extra
So here's how it breaks down for me:
Better than: Watching the Game Show Network
Not as good as: Watching "Full Metal Edges" for the 51st time
Save your money for: Shakedown