23 Aug 2005 15:24:15
Mike Evans
cheap / nice condos in Vail or Aspen

A couple years ago I stayed in Vail right after January 1st. We had a
really nice condo that slept all 6 of us comfortably. I don't remember
spending a lot of money on the place (I'm guessing it was around $500 a
night), but haven't been able to find anything similar in price online.

Anyone have any recommendations?


25 Aug 2005 10:09:32
Re: cheap / nice condos in Vail or Aspen

If you are interested in Aspen as an option I would check out their
Central Reservations website...they have a booking engine that
publishes most of their inventory. If you can't find it online, their
vacation specialists usually have the "inside scoop" on what you are
looking for.


They have access to almost 100% of the lodging base in Aspen and
Snowmass. Often, you can find ski in/ski out condos in Snowmass the
first week in January for around your desired price range.

Also, having skiied both Vail and Aspen's Mountains I would say that if
you want to stay away from the crowds definitely go to Aspen.