24 Sep 2005 22:11:44
ricorso dellastem
Several Tips To Finding Accomodation Worldwide

Cheap and low cost hotel accommodation can
be booked for destinations all around the
world with a quick visit to the Internet.
Years ago, a trip away meant booking a hotel
room that might not be the standard in
other parts of the world. Nowadays, you
can compare prices and accommodations with
the push of a button on your computer.

International travel web sites offer some
of the best choices for comparing and booking
travel prices for both hotels and airfare.
Cheap and low cost airline flights are just
as important as cheap and low cost hotel
accommodations since budget travel is all
about saving money on all components of the
trip. If you contact your travel agent or
spend time on the Internet you will find
prices that serve any budget.

Depending on how inexpensive you would
like your hotel to be, in Europe you can
use the star rating system from one to five.
A rating of one will be cheap, but
accommodations could be more like a hostel
setting instead of an actual hotel room.
Five, of course, is expensive and even in
Europe the rating is hard to procure.

In the United States ratings and Australia
the ratings you will find the ratings to
be about the same, but most hotels do offer
bathrooms. The exception is the bed and
breakfast, which can be a delightful room
with a bathroom down the hall or a small
self contained style accommodation which
can be found in rural and remote places.
In some cases you might find a bed and
breakfast that also falls in the cheap
hotel accommodations category, but overall
you usually pay more for the experience
and the charm.

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