Has anyone skied the Marcialonga in Italy? I am looking for a recommendation on where to stay. Thanks.

Kuzmin Sickle
Would anyone with experience using a Kuzmin Sickle share how the base comes out when this cutting tool. For example does the base come out with what the best base peelers call a mirror smoot...

Jenex Omni-Prep
Hi, I'm looking for an online shop to order Omni-prep Rotary, shipping to France. Please advice.

Fund-raising ski the length of Norway
You might be interested in this chap, David Leaning, who is ski-ing the length of Norway to raise funds for the Mines Advisory Group, who are (to quote their website) "a neutral and impartia...

Help for Newell Video *Video Request Thread*
Hey Guys, I need some help here. I am making an Andy Newell compilation video fo the Faster Skier video contest and I'm in need of one of his races. It' the Oberstdorf World Cup f...

Swix / Faster Skier Video Contest
All - The High Peaks / Peru Nordic Masters ski team has reworked and re-cut footage from the 2nd video in the trilogy - Inertia II:Nordic Boogaloo - and produced a rollicking 7 m...

do you wear reg socks or thin socks or 2 pair of socks or?
thorlo socks when you ski vs run or bike,,,, i wore 1 pr w my race skate and cold feet never seemed to be a prob but im wondering if i should have tried thin bike socks for a real super fit...

curious about the nis used w carbonlites and the s lab
i can get a decent buy on the skis but they are nis and im curious about the effectiveness of a thin carbon plate used to take up the gap. i also heard that s labs arent warrantied under the...

curious if the fisher carbonlites have any differences between the
other than the decal?

white or grey areas on ski bases. Solved.
Hi, following Kuzmin thesis and assumptions about "hairs" on ski bases, I decided to give it a late season try. I ordered a "Kuzmin sickel", picked up that old pair of race ski of...

Two questions from this ski season
Unfortunately, most of my ski time is on wheels, so the few days that I got to spend on snow this year were full of surprises. When skating, I found that I slip a lot on push-off, espe...

Spring Skiing On Grand Mesa CO and Mt. Bachelor Trails?
Any readers here familiar with late Spring skiing on Gand Mesa, or Mt Bachelor. I've read on Grand Mesa's and Mt Bachelor's web sites about a huge snow base. Was wondering if there is good ...

Heart Rate Monitors and Overtraining
I struggled with overtraining a lot this past season (recovering from inactivity due to surgery). My body seemed to have a hair-trigger sensitivity to the slightest bit of intensity that I ...

Kikken Randal gets DVT
See for Kikkan's blog and Anchorage Daily News article on her medical condition. Something in the newspaper article, referring particularly to the effects of ...

Looking for one Swix cork handle
I recently left the cork portion of my pole handle on the Birken trail. If you have recently suffered a broken pole or just have an extra Swix cork handle laying around, I would like to buy ...

Kick bike?
I was stuck some time ago when leaning on a full shopping cart and running along, how much it feels like gliding. I am thinking a kick bike (or something else??) may also give that feeling...

Spring ski YouTube---Michigan downhills
I just made a YouTube showing a couple downhills at Stinchfield, a fave Michigan woodlot. Spring skiing. It got a bit sunny and the speed dropped but it was still fun. Nice, sweet, mellow, f...

xc skiing area near Vancouver ?
I might have to move to Vancouver from Ottawa, where Gatineau Park with 200km of ski trail is less than an hour away. And we are still skiing in April. Are there any good cross c...

Sprint-tour-2008 in Russia. Video 1 stage. 1 apr.

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