My wife and mine nordic racing gear on Ebay
Hello fellow RSN-ners. This is it. I quit nordic racing, and I just put on ebay the stuff I haven't donated yet. Everything was top of the line the day it was purchased, and used ...

For Sale: Brand new Jenex V2 roller skis, any type - 2 pairs
I got 2 brand new pairs of any kind of Jenex V2 roller skis in a barter with a store, and I'm happy to offer them at a discount to anyone interested, as I already have roller skis, so I can ...

Mounting SNS Profil Mountings?
I picked up some Fischer RCR Crown skis + SNS Profil Classic bindings on the cheap over the summer. I'm thinking about mounting them myself. I have a 3.5x15 xc-specific drill bit, and I...

Nordic Dry Land Training ---> DoublePole Vaulting? Lunging?
maybe lurching? I have been enjoying my running with ski poles thing for a couple of months now and was hoping to get some advice on variations. I have found that I can make...

For Sale : Skis/Boots/Poles/Wax Kit
Hello all, Due to injuries I am unable to ski any more, so it is time to clearance out the gear. Please check out my posting :

Lapland Lake, New York
I was checking this place out online. The prices seem reasonable and the accommodations look great. Has anyone ever been there? Would you recommend it?

re: Jenex's new Aero Skate XL 125S Roller ski?
Can anyone provide any feedback on Jenex's "latest" Aero Skate XL 125S? Thanks, Joe

PS: Jesenik Rollerski company update...
I just phoned the Jesenik rollerski company. A lady answered and said that Emil will be in the hospital for 2-3 weeks due to 2 stomach operations. And that making rollerskis is not possible....

V2 Aero 125 Wheel Update
All - I hope your pre-season rollerski training is going well - I had my first on-the-road flat ever on my V2 Aero 125's. After inspecting my wheels and tires, I bought a new tub...

Birkie start
Buried way down in the Birkie newsletter is a change in start format that I don't find on the race site yet: "A major change is the introduction of separate, smaller, 5-minute alt...

Kris Freeman: training hard What a terrifying training load. Kris must be in great shape to do this, but reading about it makes me wonder a couple of things: <...

Chariot baby carrier
Dear all, Does anyone have experience of the Chariot baby stroller with skiing attachments? My wife and I are approaching our first winter with a baby, and wondering how to approac...

(West) German Doping Scandal
From Jenex/V2 site - News Sept 2 (Len Johnson): German Doping Scandal: The rumors have been around for years, even before the bicycle racers in Telekom (later T-Mobile) admitted they <...

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Boot alternatives for roller skiing
Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone is manufacturing "summer" skating boots (profil, pilot or R4) for roller-skiing?? I'd like to avoid trashing my winter skating boots, ...

Summer Biathlon on Eurosport Now
Just found the Mens Sprint being shown from the rollski center at Otepaa. I didnt know it was being covered by TV. On Saturday we have the Mens and Womens Pursuit races.

XCO training system: Angerer's secret?
Fall is coming and I am heading back to more serious (strenuous) training regime for the next ski season. I started to jog with 1 kg dumbells to give my shoulders some exercising. After 45 m...

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