What's Everyone Been Up To?
How's the summer going? Man, I haven't posted on the nordic skiing newsgroup in a looooong time... I'm knocking on 2,000 bike miles for the year so far. The plan is to get in over 4,000 like...

OT: picture of "rollerboard" or "razorboard" please?
I'm just looking for pictures of a skateboard with in-line wheels. I've seen lots of talk mostly about a "rollerboard" and a little about a "razorboard" but no pictures anywhere...

What are your favorite classic roller skis and why?
V2 930 and 930K (K is just longer for taller skiers) were recommended. Any other suggestions?

New Rollerski Race Series
We're pleased to announce a new summer rollerski race series featuring the option for top-ranked athletes to compete on evenly matched V2 850 rollerskis. The races will be freestyle, meanin...

High Peaks Questions
My wife will be working on the medical team for the Lake Placid Ironman. We'll be there for a few days leading up to the event and I'll be spending the time looking after my little boy (15 ...

Anyone ever use this Start speed reducer with Marwe?
This is the reducer a store in the UK suggested, by Start roller skis: http://www.startex.fi/product.php?prod=186 . Anyone ever use it before? I do think it would be a problem to use a sp...

Summer Solstice
The days are getting shorter. Think snow! Ski Exuberantly, Hank Mammoth Lakes, California

elite rollerski competition 2007 - on TV
just like in July 2006 there will be elite rollerski competition in Sandnes/Norway. Both XC and biathlon elite from Norway and other european nations. It will be a few hours of live TV ...

Roller racing with the klap systems
Some racers in the European FIS roller ski races are using the new klap systems recently discussed on this site. See the picture on Nordicskiracer.com Might make sense for roller...

Nikolai Anikin Sr. very ill
Nikolai Anikin Sr. past Russian XC great and recently coach and mentor of skiers in the Duluth area, including John Bauer and his son, Nikolai Jr., has been diagnosed with advanced colon can...

Hi, I find that I'm out of breath too quickly, especially when I'm skate- rollerskiing with poles. With no poles, it is a little easier since I'm only doing half the work. I know ...

Where to ski in Germany/Switzerland/Austria
Greetings all. I would like to tap your collective wisdom on this topic. I am fromAustralia and will have three weeks in Germany from just after Christmas. My list of wishwes includes: ...

Speed Reducers for Marwe 610 skate roller skis
Is it possible to mount a speed reducer, such as the Jenex V2 speed reducer, on Marwe 610 skate skis? Has anyone tried something like this?

Snow Making For Local Club
We have been kicking around the idea for years about purchasing a snow making unit for a local group of skiers. Anyone seen some nice setups in their travels? I understand running the snow m...

1430, Wednesday, 6 June It has been snowing for the last two hours here in John Muir's Range of Light. Ski Exuberantly, Hank Garretson Mammoth Lakes, C...

Running with Ski Poles
I guess some people call it nordic running. Finally found a good hilly trail to run intervals. It was great! My hips and knees don't hurt and I feel like I get some upper body conditionin...

Rossi vs Alpina touring boots
Hi, My Alpina touring boots are falling apart - I guess mainly because I picked them up used at one of the rental places. I really liked the cuff, but the boots felt too wide and ...

GracefulEdge.com Launches a Washington DC Edition
GracefulEdge.com Goes Local Graceful Edge's Washington D.C. Edition to Launch, June 12, 2007 The Washington D.C. Edition shares the latest on fun activities throughout the region....

Williams Lake XC Skiing: End of an Era
Today was the last day that Williams Lake Hotel in Rosendale, NY was open to day and overnight guests. It will soon be sold to Canopy Development whose principles I am told include Steve C...

Web site for cardiac athletes (updated)
If you are a heart patient who has gone on to make such a good recovery that your doctor/physician has agreed to let you return to your favourite sport "so long as you don't over do it!", th...

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