New XC Binding System from 'CadoMotus' out Winter 07-08
The Nordic Norm method of binding the boot to the ski-using a front- only binding-has evolved in various modern bindings. Today's NNN, SNS Profil and SNS Pilot binding systems are all subtle...

2007-2008 World Cup
Today, the FIS published a preview of the upcoming World Cup season, highlighting the second Tour de Ski and a "World Cup final" event in Bormio, Italy. (The full season calendar is here:

an informal welcome to the Caldwells
Heard a couple of weeks ago about the appointment of Amy Caldwell to CVTC (Callaghan Valley Training Centre), and wondered if there was a connection. As a long-time lurker (and ...

training question
Hi all, I have started riding my bike to work it takes me about 70 min. one way. Can I count this time as training hours? and it kind of like a two workout day 60-70 min in the mroning and ...

Park City Roller Skiing
I'm going to be in Park City for a few days. I'm bringing my road bike, will rent a mtn bike. Should I bring my roller skis? I believe there are roller ski trails at Soldier Hollow. Are ...

Hi guys, I have posted the final of the dusseldorf relay 2007 on youtube the quality is not the best but it's somethign... ...

Know a cool, diverse outdoor event for OYB?
I'm trying to figure out what events I should take OYB on the road to attend and get a booth at. I like outdoor events that showcase bike boat ski action in a way that puts independent cultu...

Roller Skiing In Boulder
Are there any good bike trails in Boulder which are not cement to roller ski on? All the bike trails I found from Boulder to Niwot where cement which makes it useless to use a crabide tip ro...

Fixing clutches on old Arcos Road Skis?
It looks like my untested Arcos Road Skis---3 wheelers---don't have good clutches after all. As I said in a previous post, it looked like these skis were quite fresh even though o...

California/Tahoe relocation suggestions?
Hi All, I am vaguely considering relocating to somplace in Central or Northern California. Various other family members live in San Francisco, and other nearby areas. Those places...

Zach Caldwell and his ski tuning company is moving to Canada.
Just checked out Zach's web site for the heck of it and he gives notice of his move to British Columbia. His wife is taking on a coaching position there. Thats kind of a bummer for us skiers...

Enough of this
I'm NOT sorry I brought up the thread, since I have gotten some extremely good suggestions and comments...and very large percentage off-forum. Fear of reprisal from a member? Probably.

Roller skiing protective gear
Dumb question: What do you guys wear for protective equipment? I'm not sure if it's just me, or what, but I've been through like 5 different pairs of 'roller blading' and 'roller skating' ...

nordictrack ankle strap
Have any nordictrack ski machine users out there seen an ankle strap that will keep your foot securely in place? If one is not available, I'm going to make one out of webbing and buckles. ...

FA: classic rollerskis on ebay -- sweet!
I just found some garage sale 3-wheel rollerskis. Probably pretty old but in great shape. Wood shafts. Dover 3-pin bindings. Front clutches----feel strong and tight to me. I haven't skied on...

Web site for cardiac athletes
If you are a heart patient who has gone on to make such a good recovery that your doctor/physician has agreed to let you return to your favourite sport "so long as you don't over do it!", th...

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